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Bones 3 Identification Numbers and Release Schedule

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Hi All,


I remember seeing a release schedule PDF somewhere and can't seem to find it anymore. I'd like to get an idea when some of the figures from Bones 3 will be available at retail, as well as their identification numbers so I can properly label my posts that will be going in Show Off/In Progress as I paint my way through the Stoneskull expansion I got.




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Looks like the core set is almost ready to complete, everything showing a December release in preview gallery except the few wild west oz figures not released (only scarecrow so far), the torture chamber items and the weapon sprues.  Looks like Buzzy and Mr. Bones are sold as a set.

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49 minutes ago, plaul said:

Disappointing.  Lots of competition out there these days and it just seems like the amount of time it takes Reaper to bring product to market takes longer than some of the others.  Somehow Reaper has got to get out inf front of this. 

It may seem that way because you've known about the minis for so long because of the kickstarter, but long waits for Wave releases are pretty standard.


For example both GW and WizKids do them. They just keep early preproduction and concepts under wraps until a few months or even weeks before the release while with the kickstarter everything is laid out from the very beginning with Bones.


Releasing everything all at once would overwhelm distributors and retailers.

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