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Have you been Naughty or Nice?

Reaper Ron

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Welp, I went and did it:


10047: The Nativity Boxed Set $49.99 x1
09003: Blood Red $3.29 x1
09006: Fire Orange $3.29 x1
09009: Lemon Yellow $3.29 x1
09015: Jade Green $3.29 x1
09018: Sky Blue $3.29 x1

Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Ametrine Earthlyte
Merry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!
Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Cat Dragon!


Hubby was skeptical about my desire for coal :lol: but maybe I'll get an ornament :lol:

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Second 12days order in! Continuing to build up my paint collection -- emphasis metallics this time



29806: HD Fireball Orange  $3.29 x1
29805: HD Burning Orange  $3.29 x1
09049: Ancient Bronze  $3.29 x1
09050: Antique Gold  $3.29 x1
09051: New Gold  $3.29 x1
09052: Shadowed Steel  $3.29 x1
09274: Vampiric Shadow  $3.29 x1
09275: Vampiric Skin  $3.29 x1
09276: Vampiric Highlight  $3.29 x1
09304: Copper Verdigris  $3.29 x1
09305: Tarnished Copper  $3.29 x1
09306: New Copper  $3.29 x1
09454: Shining Mithril  $3.29 x1
09453: Filigree Silver  $3.29 x1
09452: Blade Steel  $3.29 x1
09451: Dwarven Gold  $3.29 x1
09450: Dragon Gold  $3.29 x1
09449: Dragon Bronze  $3.29 x1
09448: Dragon Copper  $3.29 x1
09999: Reaper Paint Caddy  $19.99 x1

Happy 25th Anniversary!  Your order has received 2x Ametrine Earthlyte<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!<br> Merry Christmas! Your order has received 2x Cat Dragon!<br>

Subtotal:       82.50
Shipping:       Free USPS
Handling:       1.00
Order Total:    $83.50


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I'm feeling a little silly for placing an order high enough to get a stocking but not to double up the $40 offers... I was thinking "I don't need doubles of things" but *6*  goblin carolers would have made a fun troupe. Oops, oh well. I'm still excited about the stocking, regardless of how it turns out.  I'm kindof happy they're making it a surprise but couldn't help check this thread to see if there were spoilers. 

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Spoilers????? I Got Spoilers!!!!!!! So Do NOT scroll down if you do not want to see what the stocking has:)


OOH! and I think I just figured out to hide stuff in the post so here we go:)


First, I got the alchemist gnome (two of them haha) and a Gnome wizard (cassie). Hmm, didnt realize I did that haha:)



I also ordered the Nativity set and the holiday colors set, if you want pics of that, let me know:)


And now without further ado, the stocking:)


Okay, everyone talked about the naughty, and I guess I drew the short straw, because I got it:( (yah kinda wanted the ornament, and I cannot afford a second stocking :mellow:) So here are the stocking, and the contents taken out (yah I rebagged it and hung it back up, haha, prolly my only stocking for me this year)



So as you see, it comes in a really nice stocking (like those ones you get in stores, really like it).

I have to identify the bones mini's but I got 8 of them, and I am really happy with what I got (not sure if the counts and selection are the same across all bags). I also got 7 bases of different sizes and styles, 4 mints (yes, only 3 in picture, my wife got to the fourth before I could take the shot ::P:), 2 HOLIDAY paints (golden glow and frosty blue[im happy about this color, because I plan to use it in my mixed media piece for my 2D design class final, sprayed through my airbrush) AND finally the lump of coal:) Hope you all liked the breakdown shots.


Wish I would have waited to get the cat dragon, maybe I may still be able to, but I will not know till I get my car back and see the damages on the bill:(

Merry Christmas all, hope you enjoyed the post.


PS: OH and I forgot to mention this, because we were talking about getting one shot paints (which I didnt get, no biggie). at the bottom of the invoice it says:


We select random packages to drop product samples in from time to time. If your shipment contains something you didn't order then you're one of the lucky ones! Good for you!


So there you go!

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Got my shipment in today. Got the Nice apparently as it had the Reaper Ornament, which truth be told, is not really all that special. Its a flat red disc with a Sophie on one side made of plastic. Not complaining because its free, just not that special imho. Rest of the stocking seems to have had the same as Ratmaster but I got more bases and I think one extra bones fig. Same two paints which was a bit humorous since I also ordered the holiday paint set but hey, extra bottles! :)


And I can confirm from my order last month that they do still throw in sample paint bottles from time to time. :)

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5 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

So I have identified all the miniatures in the picture EXCEPT what looks like some kind of undead with big hands:) it's in the second row of mini's, right under Golden Glow bottle of paint. any help identifying is appreciated:)




Here’s one painted up:


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