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I swear, I finished these in time...but I didn't get to upload the photos last night!

As usual, I try to participate in a themed project every month, and as it was No-Shave November, what better than some Dwarfs?

They're all rather Oldhammer, except for the casualty from Mantic.  I think they'd make a good start for a Dwarf Treasure Hunters warband for Mordheim.


"Just a quick drink before the adventure..."




"I think we're going the right way..."





Just an old Thunderer:



"Alright, let me bring along some dinner..."




"Scouting ahead!"



"Just a little nap afore we kill those Gobbos..."


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Nice job!

It's cool to see some old school WHFB figures painted up.

I think they had a lot more character back then.:winkthumbs:

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