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Help with Extreme Flesh Tones

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I am having troubles with 3 types of flesh tones, and I was hoping that I could get some help here.


I am trying to mimic 3 tones: drow flesh (the inky black version), albino flesh (I can't find a good mix for it), and orc flesh (the ash grey LotR type).


My drow is either too black, or too blue.

My orc ends up looking too much like stone.

My albino is looks like plain white, and when I mix, it ends up looking like normal flesh tones.


Any help with these, or mix ratios will be HIGHLY appriciative.


OOHHH! I almost forgot - if anyone has a good idea for a yellow-y, jaundiced tone, feel free to share!


The Unknown Ronin

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I'm not sure about the others, but for the orc one, perhaps you could try using a reddish-brown was after you've highlighted the grey. This will give it some color back and you can always go over top with more grey. I'm not sure if this would work, but you could also consider using a dark brown as your base and mixing in a medium grey for the highlights. I say medium grey because if you use too light a grey, it may act like white.

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For the albino skin I would suggest adding the mearest hint of pink to your white, remembering that they don't have proper colour pigment so what really gives the colour to their skin is the blood in thier veins showing through. So yeah pink.


As for the jaundiced look I will ask Monkey!!!, he did a really nice jaundacy look a while back, will see if he can remember what colours he used.

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