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Pulverizer Automaton


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My D&D group needed a pulverizer mini, so I made one. WIP is over at 



There are a couple areas I'm not really happy about, but I learned a lot, and am very happy with the overall result. 


Areas I'd try to do better in the future: 

Original sculpt - less-blobby joins to the shoulders, have legs sculpted, crisper runes

Casting - fewer bubbles, better coating on the release, dye the material

Paint - better coverage on the base coat, verdegris, better leg rust, better compatibility between the different paints and casting material

Maybe add a tiny LED?


Things I like about how this turned out:

 - Overall shape goes well with "punchy sound-cannon" motif

 - Runes look pretty good

 - No fin (it's supposed to have one, I like it without)

 - Transparent effect inside (though it could be improved...)

 - Rust to emphasize "hand" shape

More pics:




Sir Forescale was MIA, so here's an orky substitute:





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