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Goldar the Barbarian (now with snow and bloody axe!) - 03461 - Artist: M. Gubser


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He looks good!


A couple comments might be to just work on thinning your paints a bit to just smooth the transitions from shadow to highlight (I am still working on this myself).   I also think the rust might be a bit thick but that could be just personal preference. Here's a good video for painting rust without having to use technical paint. 


I would recommend watch a lot of Dr Faust videos.  Its really helped me a lot!


You are off to a great start though!  Keep up the good work!


Oh and welcome!  This is a really friendly place!  So look around and don't be afraid to ask questions.  There are many great painters around here that are always willing to help!

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1 hour ago, CaptMini said:

Thanks Internet Friend,


I have seen a few of those Dr Faust vids and like them--My favorite guy to watch is Tabletop Minions, especially when they have Sam Lenz as a guest painter - He's Amaaaaaaazing!

He really is a great painter but he's a brush licker so I find him extremely hard to watch. 

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Looks good!

I like the skin and the snow adds a nice touch.


As for the blood on the axe, to make blood on weapons appear more natural, use a dark red, thin it, apply with a sponge or dab it on.

That way you get patches of blood instead of a red stroke.


Keep up the good work!


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