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Goldar the Barbarian (now with snow and bloody axe!) - 03461 - Artist: M. Gubser

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He looks good!


A couple comments might be to just work on thinning your paints a bit to just smooth the transitions from shadow to highlight (I am still working on this myself).   I also think the rust might be a bit thick but that could be just personal preference. Here's a good video for painting rust without having to use technical paint. 


I would recommend watch a lot of Dr Faust videos.  Its really helped me a lot!


You are off to a great start though!  Keep up the good work!


Oh and welcome!  This is a really friendly place!  So look around and don't be afraid to ask questions.  There are many great painters around here that are always willing to help!

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1 hour ago, CaptMini said:

Thanks Internet Friend,


I have seen a few of those Dr Faust vids and like them--My favorite guy to watch is Tabletop Minions, especially when they have Sam Lenz as a guest painter - He's Amaaaaaaazing!

He really is a great painter but he's a brush licker so I find him extremely hard to watch. 

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Looks good!

I like the skin and the snow adds a nice touch.


As for the blood on the axe, to make blood on weapons appear more natural, use a dark red, thin it, apply with a sponge or dab it on.

That way you get patches of blood instead of a red stroke.


Keep up the good work!


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    • By EvilJames
      So here they are. The Ogre Squad. You can see the WIP here.

      I love how nonchalant and casual this guy looks.

      especially when compared to this guy.

      The oldest of my ogres. Metal and unfinished for years because I was just never happy with him. 

      another angry ogre
      fond of the face(s) on this guy and also the pig. The rope on the barrel was a little frustrating though. It had a mold line right down its length and even though I wasn't doing much line cleaning for these guys that was both a hard one to fix and a hard one to ignore.

      the bones black ogre has the best grumpy ogre face. He painted up nicely with very little clean up to ignore.

      the other metal ogre Kagunk and his amazing shield. This guy sat just primed for a good long while as I just was never sure how to handle the shield face. The older chieften's club face was easier since it was always going to look like wood, but this I had to think about a bit. I think it works pretty well.

      a few attempts at a group shot. Bigger minis are hard to keep all in focus at once.
      There it is then. There are a couple of details I see I still need to do and the metal chieftains need to be sealed. But otherwise that is it for this lot. I did by the other ettin in bones and I might order the other ogre leader and I think I have a bones half ogre around somewhere.  If I paint them I may update this with new squad members. We will see.
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      I backed their previous Halfling Yeoman riding chickens 😁 so figured I'd give them a shoutout!
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    • By R2ED
      Finally got back on to some painting.  It was a minor win, but just basing this dude feels good to be done.  One cool thing i thought was fun is that i put a footprint in the mud under his left foot.  Kind of a small, but cool detail. 
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      Finally painted her up! Is that a wolf head, an elf head, or... your friend's head in the sack? Can't see too well in the photos, but I did add some blood...

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      Hello forum Family, gonna show you my version of D'Vandra Lukesia, the metal one. I had hard time with her (but this is part of the fun, isn't?), so many tiny details and her face is sooo tiny 
      In any case I managed to paint her and I'm happy of she came out! 
      About the palette I chose the colors on the fly, started with the yellow skirt and simply add colors at the moment I needed to paint a detail, like the amaranth scarf, or the blue bag, the green vial, and so on.
      I hope you like her too :)
      Hi-res pics

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