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Your favorite cav section

Daley's Dragoons

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Recently, do to a strange and tragic turn of events my first 2 sections that was nearly complete will never see the light of the gaming table and have been put to rest. If you listen closely, you can still make out the last few haunting lines of 'Amazing Grace' being played by a lone bagpipe over their final resting place.



So now I am getting ready to reform (rebuild, repaint, rebase...you get the picture) the Dragoons. Money is an object, hence only a single section is currently being reformed. I will be waiting for my copy of JoR before making any final choices, but I am curious to hear what some of the more experienced players feel make up the perfect 4 CAV section.

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Okay aesthethics plays a role, Scorpion hands down no doubt in my mind... I just love the little bugger.


Now game usefulness....


Hard taget killer


Dictators, nouf said... Warlords a close second... yeah, yea Rhinos are too slow.


Squishy hunters



2 Knights

Warlord as escort


Fire Suport element



3 Specters





Mortar infantry teams... for the money this is cheap


I just gave you some choices here.


Oh of course you could always go for two blisters of Tsusikei, or Lance tanks.

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Battle Field Superiority

When it comes to superiority you need range, punch, and Target Lock.


Gladiator II's --- Make Dictators Cry


Anti Squishy / Crunchy

I prefer to stay well away from infantry. Indirect fire seams to be better than running up there and getting my butt handed to me in return fire.


Conquerors --- solves the squish that makes you ich.



Either from a distance or up close you need cheep and effective CAV for elimination of weakend, Enemy units, with out putting your superiority CAV ammo to waste.


Talons --- Swoop in and pick them off. Either Indirect or at 36 inches these are some lethal hunters of wounded superiority CAV.


Spartans --- Charge in and bash their brains. (better because most wounded CAV can't take the heat from 4 Spartans and they are CHEAP.)


Support Fire

Soverign / Spector Combo --- as though there were ever a question.


Cheep Speed and Punch

3 Basic Infantry armed with 2 AT-23's on each stand, and 1 Hedgehog. Fast, nasty, cheap. 402 for a royal pain in the rear for several unfortunate †superiority CAV.

Plust this gives you 1 full section and a free Card.

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Easy there, :: passes a nice tissue:: sorry for hurting your feelings.


Of course in any game where things are not in print yet, feel free to proxy... that goes for games where things are IN Print but you just don't have them. As long as your oponent knows that this cute little Khan is playiing today a Falcon... hey go for it.


That said when I proxy I tend to use things that are not CAV but painted in them paint schemes that make it look as part of the unit...


Does that mean I have a lot of Tech to paint? Yeap, them Templars are pretty handy for some things CAV... and I have some... so why not?



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Its ok Brush

**offers another tissue**

I appreciate the input, give me alot to think about while waiting for my copy of JoR to show and I can decide just what minis are going to make up the first section of the new Dragoons. Do have some long term goals, but looking for a decent all around section at the moment. So eveyone's input it most appreciated.

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If you're looking for a single section that's a) in print and b) good at all things then I have something you may want to consider.



Starhawk 5




This gives you an excellent mix of speed and firepower along with some reasonable weapons for killing soft targets (those Tsuisekis and Kikyus are a real issue) like infantry and gunships while giving you some reasonable IF firepower.


You're slowest unit is the Dictator at 20MM, the others are 24MM. They have good armour, good staying power and good hard and soft killing power - the Dictator and Challenger have reasonable IF packs and the Regent is a dedicated Fire Support CAV which has good everything.


This entire section comes to 1252 and can take names and bust skulls with the best of them.

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Well the best thing to do is take the data cards and really just do some mock battles with whatever you have, even quarters. That will give you an idea of what fits your gaming style.


As to the tsusikei, I do not know what Frank is talking about... :: whistles innocently::




Now to painting, we all can use some practice... and yes when I get back I will post the adventure of last night... big game due today at a store, and all the minis were lost. Yesterday I think I set some kind of world record putting together a new force... sadly they are not painted to my standards, as thy are a mix of white primer, first coat and finished models, but the show must go on.  On the bright side, they WILL be all done by next week. Found a very "easy" paint scheeme, but most importantly dramatic one... Sticking to it like a bad religion.




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Both the Kikyu and Tsuiseki are fearsome opponents. They cannot kill a CAV in one go, barring any extremes of dice rolls, but they can open up a can of whoop-arse on them. And the Tsuiseki is a nasty anti-soft platform too :o)


I've not actually used the Regent, cos I won't proxy, but from the stats it looks like a very well rounded fire platform with something for everyone in the mix - and it comes out nicely.


Another section I favour though, is the pure Hawk 5 section (and the pure Hawk 6 and 5/6 mixes :o)) and the HAwk 5 and Challenger combo. Jimbo used this to good effect at Origins.


Oh and btw everyone, I have proxied once.... the buzzer was sounded Friday night and while there wasn't any TL for the hapless Ogre the poor Wyvern it fixed its sights on took 5 points.


Oh the sweet sweet smell of PBG's hitting armour.....


...one day I won't have to proxy and we won't almost forget one cannon :o)

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A personal favorite of mine is my "Anvil Section", intended as a base formation to evaluate other sections for tournament play.  






Definately for hunting hard targets, only fair soft target hitting power.  Movement is limited to the Rhino's, but the Dictators can swing out and manuever from the Rhino's base of fire.  The Panther, of course, performs ESM for the section and directing the IDF missiles of the Dictators, primarily at soft targets.  


To round this unit out, I'd try swaping out one of the Dictators for something better at soft target killing.  For that I'd go, in order of preferance:


Challenger (to maintain manuever ability)

Wraith (Firepower)

Starhawk V




Hey, Leech, what was the points value for the tourney at Origins anyway?  I missed it all, I was working the booth.





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It was 1400 rulebook points.... I have no idea what it'll be next year although I'd expect 1600 or 1700 to allow a good section with some room for 'goodies' :o)


And that booth is hard work, ain't it? I worked it Sunday and while there wasn't the numbers as the other days it was still manic. Sold out most of the CAV stuff though :o)


And it never hurts to play up the 'it'll help your son with his maths' angle when running a demo and the 'hard sell' to a parent/child combo :o)

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