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Fire giant jailor with suspect OSL

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Beautiful work.


I understand what you mean about the OSL. The light on the chain, instead of looking like the glow from the hammer, looks like an intense spotlight is directly on them. It needs to feel more diffuse. The glow cuts off too sharply, it should fade away as it goes down to the floor. And even the floor base will benefit from some orange light.

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2 hours ago, Baldur8762 said:

I think this is a phenomenal piece. I love the NMM especially.  I don't see the OSL though, I don't mean to be rude, I just am not sure where it is. 

Part of the hammer is white hot and glowing on the chain below it.

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Baldur, your not seeing it because I really missed the mark with it.  I will be adding more OSL to this pice at a later date but thank you for looking and commenting

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