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(Privateer Press Earthborn Dire Troll) Back in the Saddle, can I still paint?

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So I've decided to get back to painting and since trying Hordes I thought painting some Trollblood units would help.


You may have seen Sanael's Lunchtime Painting Session 3. We worked a trade and he is painting my first Trollblood Warlock.  

So I decided to start with a Heavy Warbeast from the Privateer Press Hordes game, Trollblood Faction.


At this point I have cleaned up mold lines and am considering the painting process. I think I will work on individual pieces and assembly after I'm say 75% on the paint job. The joints will require a fair amount of work at first glance.


Please be critical of the work. I want to get better. I am currently a ReaperCon Bronze level painter looking to get Silver level work.




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MooFirst coat with P3 paints. I like the consistancy for base coating. Paint from the "pot" was nostalgic.  I used Trollblood Base, and plan to use Underbelly Blue for all the under portion of the arms, chest, belly, hands, feet, and the underside of thighs and backs of the calves. 



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Last post for the night and first session.  I basecoated the undersides with P3 Underbelly Blue, and hit the loincloth with a coat of Reaper 09176 Military Green. I'm not sure if that scrap will be big enough for the tartan I am planning for my army.  I like that green.  Not sure what to use for the wrapping on his hands. Should I use linen colors and dirty them up or the same Military Green I am planning for the army Tartan?


I need to consider colors for his rocky hide, and the rock burst for mounting him to the base.





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I really love the trolls' warbeast sculpts, this guy is really cool. The sculpt has a lot of violence in it, which is pretty great for trolls.


Those P3 paints are pretty different, aren't they? The plasticy finish is pretty interesting. You mentioned the nostalgia for paint pots...I transfer all my P3 to dropper bottles now, I'm so used to the RMS.


I think you're right to leave a lot of assembly for the end. I've learned my lesson to at least not base my Warmahordes stompies until I've painted them, and there are a lot that don't want to be assembled until the end. But, there are so (unnecessarily) many pieces, some assembly has to happen first, or you'll end up repainting the whole mini because of all the joins. I think you've hit a good balance.


For the hand wraps,  I think one of the darker colors from your plaid could work nicely, but I think I might hold off until some of those rocks were blocked in. A filthy linen might be better, once you see what it's up against with the stone-skin.


As for the rocks, I would go for a warm brown. Blackened Brown up into Intense Brown, then highlighted up to a warm ivory could be really nice (but it has Blackened Brown in it, of course I would say that)...and the Harvest Brown triad is very orangey, which would pop a lot against the blue without necessarily being BLUE AND ORANGE.

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Contemplating the stones on the Earthborm and the mounting piece. Should they be the same or different?


At this time I am considering using Reaper Stone Triad, Shadowed, Grey, and Weathered with P3 Trollblood Base added to the darker shades and Underbelly Blue to Weathered Grey, for the Earthborn's stony hide.


Any thoughts?

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Hmm. I think the underbelly placement on the legs isn't wrong, but I might want it more toward the inside of the thighs rather than the back of the leg.


I personally think the splash of stone should match whatever ground he's on. Is your army invading (i.e., on bases that are not their native soil) or defending (i.e., on the earth from which they sprang)? If invading, I would say the ground and the splash are likely different from the stones on his skin, if defending they would be more likely to match.


Colors sound good.

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Underbelly Blue placement, on the legs...I was thinking about it further last night and agree with you.  I think I will limit it to the inner thigh only and the entire lower leg will go back to the Trollblood Base with the exception of the soles of his feet.


From my reading of Hordes based story line.  Trollbloods sound less like invading forces and more defenders of their shrinking territories, so I guess the splash will be the same color, as his encrusting of his hide.


The joint around his mid-section would I be better off trying to lay glue in the gap and paint heavy over it or should I use some green stuff?


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for that gap around his midsection, I would likely just wrap it in a thin ribbon of GS, then smooth/sculpt it into place with a colour shaper or similar tool. Superglue might fill it and self-level enough, but the gap looks more defined than CYA glue would fix.

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      Well , I am done with this blue guy , had a couple issue with assembly and such but should look good on a table ..hopefully :D

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