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Dragons Don't Share, Dragon Edition


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Now that I've finally finished up the ruins for DDS2, the next step is to tackle Her Majesty, Nathavarr. 


Glued and Green-stuffed all but the head and wings, then based in NMM Gold Base.


For now, she looks like she fell in a vat of Golden's Mustard, but really, in our story, she's a poor, set-upon Gold Dragon defending her lair (and life) from evil adventurers (who have yet to be made properly Evil-looking).



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10 hours ago, eldamir said:

 Well..   as I've not actually gotten NMM to work for me, we'll see where this goes.. for now, sure.. why not? Lol


And I realized this morning that I probably need to lay down NMM Gold Shadow first, so we'll pretend the NMM Gold base was the primer layer...

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Re-based in NMM Gold Shadow



Then threw some NMM Gold Base back on the head and tried a bit of highlighting with NMM Gold Highlight.  



From 5' away, it doesn't look horrible, but really, the blending is horrible (which means I'll be redoing it).. And not going to touch the body or wings until I get results I like on the head..

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Not sure if you have seen it or are interested but Guindyloo did a tutorial for dragon eyes that is seriously awesome. It can be found here:

Second post on page 5 hidden in the spoiler links. If you do a search for Ma'al, she has different colors for the dragons' eyes using the same technique. I liked the technique so much that I printed it and keep it in my paint case!




I like the yellow and it will go nicely with the red stonework.

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That helped a bunch, @Pochi.  Thanks for the suggestion.


She doesn't have her head yet and the body's still a bit dark, but I think I'm satisfied with the results..




I think I might have missed on the wing highlights as looking at this shot, they're very much not on the highest surface.. I guess I need to highlight the upper edge of the wings and darken those spots back in (which you can barely see in this top-down shot)


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