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12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

Reaper Ron

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8 minutes ago, Rob Dean said:

Aha! The much wanted cat-Dragon makes an appearance! Perhaps a little smaller than anticipated...


Yes, I don't think anyone expected a cat-sized cat-dragon! :lol:


Is there anywhere we can see closeups of these?  I'd like to see the details on the Cat Dragon, and Mylk & Cookies...

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1 minute ago, alchemist said:

I must admit I am kind of disappointed since I don't have much use for seasonal-themed minis.  Previous years have offered more variety to choose from.


I feel like Joy the Fairy, the Winter Elf, and Father Christmas are all "generic" enough fantasy pieces as well.  I know I've seen that Father Christmas as a Frostgrave Wizard before.

3 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

No Tinker Gnome?  Oh dear.  The cat dragon and the winter elf are high on my wish list, though!  ^_^  

I just noticed that too.  I'm glad I picked him up last year...he's a great Gnome NPC sculpt!


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6/12/16 spaces out nicely for my three orders.  Especially the 6th, because whatever it was that day I'd have to get because I can't delay my last paint supplies order past then.  A man needs his brown liner.  And sealer.  And flow improver.  Then I can hibernate until spring. 


That'll get me the goblin carolers, naughty and nice, and the robo-ornaments - exactly what I would have picked last year if I'd been able to make December orders. 



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