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12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

Reaper Ron

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9 minutes ago, buglips*the*goblin said:

6/12/16 spaces out nicely for my three orders.  Especially the 6th, because whatever it was that day I'd have to get because I can't delay my last paint supplies order past then.  A man needs his brown liner.  And sealer.  And flow improver.  Then I can hibernate until spring. 


That'll get me the goblin carolers, naughty and nice, and the robo-ornaments - exactly what I would have picked last year if I'd been able to make December orders. 



Hm, only making one order, but I should probably add another bottle of liner and flow improver to my order...

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3 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

I'm good for the whole 12 days.  I either have everything already or don't need it.  I'm gonna make an order anyways, so I guess I'll wait for the cat dragon.  Or the Winter elf.  Have to check and see if I already have the winter elf.

I think the winter elf is brand new.

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I wish you could buy these separately...


I'm a little sad to see the Christmas Familiars and Tinker Gnome missed the cut...


Time to start seeing how many new paints and minis I can justify buying -- I'm still building my collection as a newbie to the hobby this year... Also do we know what comes in the Naughty and Nice bags yet? If they arn't amazing it would make it a lot easier to just do $40 orders through the 12 days.. 


What I'd like to get if I can make it work:

12/7- Wrapping Dragon*

12/9- Cat Dragon***

12/10- Winter Fairy ****

12/13- Milk and Cookies (Yeti)*

12/14- Dragon Hoard**

12/15- Father Christmas**

12/17- Winter Elf**


Only $280 for those ><

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Good news for me is that none of them feel like "must haves" for me, so I will likely end up with the carolers or another one of the early ones since I do have an order that needs to be placed soon.


That said, while they don't feel like "must haves", I still really love the promotion and think its pretty cool. I did get the Mockingbeast last year and am still waiting for the appropriate time to spring it on my players. :)

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Life is long, i am patient, and i have a LOT to paint...  please include the Tinker Gnome in 2018, 2019 or even 2020 (i might be caught up by then...)!


I left it up to my Santa Wife last year and she decided to get me something else without telling me ;(       so i missed out on my gnome


not sure which day is going to suck me in yet this year - for those in the know could you verify:


Joy Winter Fairy is "medium" (ie human sized)

Wrapping Dragon/Chrismas Hoard are "small"


trying to align my desires with my ability

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1 hour ago, Inarah said:

Wish the familiars hadn't been cut, too.  They were top of my list this year. 


I grabbed them to paint for someone at the office who loves penguins but never did.  Ran across them in blister when going through minis trying to find something the daughter wanted to paint. They need a good home who will cherish them I guess.

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