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General Drake: 50147

Arc 724

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17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Thanks Glitterwolf! 


16 hours ago, rfusca said:

Wow, superb job! Especially the face!


Ty rfusca, I have been working on making painting more depth. 


15 hours ago, Limey72 said:

That is fantastic arc such smooth transustions

Thank you Limey. I've been working hard on that aspect of my painting.


13 hours ago, malefactus said:

OUTSTANDING! The General turned out EVEN BETTER than his W.I.P photos promised. VERY WELL DONE!

Aw, thanks Malefactus! It helps that I finally bought a tripod for my phone to take pictures with too! ::D: 


12 hours ago, Adrift said:


It does look like a snake :lol:

THANKS Adrift!  ::D: Ya, I realized it after I applied the varnish to it. By that point I decided it was too late. 

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7 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

Stunning!  I really love his face and the trench coat is beautiful!

THANKS! That trench coat was a labor of love. I did it a year earlier than when it sat on the shelve and I finally got back to it I when back over it with the same concept in my mind for a multi-toned leather. Thanks for noticing. ::):


3 hours ago, AMelodic said:

This is a really fun piece. I really like what you did with the base. Simple, but still interesting without detracting from the mini. Well done!

EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING FOR!!!!! Thanks for noticing. The tiles where provided to me back the amazing @ub3r_n3rd and as soon as I laid them out I knew that was the path I needed to go.


1 hour ago, Gargs said:


Thanks Gargs


1 hour ago, CAVBOSS said:

Great job! I shared this over on the CAV FB page btw. 

!!!!! ::D: Thanks CAVBOSS. I'll head over there and take a look too! ::):

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