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Arc 724

General Drake: 50147

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17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


Thanks Glitterwolf! 


16 hours ago, rfusca said:

Wow, superb job! Especially the face!


Ty rfusca, I have been working on making painting more depth. 


15 hours ago, Limey72 said:

That is fantastic arc such smooth transustions

Thank you Limey. I've been working hard on that aspect of my painting.


13 hours ago, malefactus said:

OUTSTANDING! The General turned out EVEN BETTER than his W.I.P photos promised. VERY WELL DONE!

Aw, thanks Malefactus! It helps that I finally bought a tripod for my phone to take pictures with too! ::D: 


12 hours ago, Adrift said:


It does look like a snake :lol:

THANKS Adrift!  ::D: Ya, I realized it after I applied the varnish to it. By that point I decided it was too late. 

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7 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

Stunning!  I really love his face and the trench coat is beautiful!

THANKS! That trench coat was a labor of love. I did it a year earlier than when it sat on the shelve and I finally got back to it I when back over it with the same concept in my mind for a multi-toned leather. Thanks for noticing. ::):


3 hours ago, AMelodic said:

This is a really fun piece. I really like what you did with the base. Simple, but still interesting without detracting from the mini. Well done!

EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING FOR!!!!! Thanks for noticing. The tiles where provided to me back the amazing @ub3r_n3rd and as soon as I laid them out I knew that was the path I needed to go.


1 hour ago, Gargs said:


Thanks Gargs


1 hour ago, CAVBOSS said:

Great job! I shared this over on the CAV FB page btw. 

!!!!! ::D: Thanks CAVBOSS. I'll head over there and take a look too! ::):

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Oh So Well Done !!

The balance of color, its application, and the brush control are spectacular.

I like the balance of the glazing, those highlights, and light on the chest color.

Beautiful, time taking work !  You done did great Arc.

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      What is a faux-prehistoric setting without Cavemen? The stereotypical fur-clad, monosyllabic unwashed barbarian that whacks a woman over the head with a club and then drags her by the hair into a cave?
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      The reason these types are prehistoric lies in the name. Pre-history, as in "before recorded time". Which really is most of time.
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      These were simple and fun to do in regular paints on a black undercoat.

      I come in search of the answer to the Riddle of Steel! What do you know about it?
      These minis were finished June 14th 2020.
      44086 Black Bear Tribe Cavemen (4)
      Bones 4 kickstarter, delivered 2019
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      Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      Made in Bones Black PVC
      available from reapermini.com
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    • By Lostraven
      I started working on the wizards from the Bone 4 core set. I was originally running through the usual themes - brown, grey, red etc. but this colour scheme on a different figure really caught my eye and I thought it would work on this figure. I didn't realize he was supposed to be an evil wizard until I looked it up on line (sku 03847 by Bobby Jackson btw). But hey evil wizards can like bright colours too, right?

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      Here is Ava Justina, Female Templar from the Bones 4 core set. She is in fact figure #1 in the set. She was sculpted by Bobby Jackson and is also available in metal SKU 03746. I drew inspiration from GW's Sisters of Battle and went for a clean black armor look. Unfortunately the casting is a little soft in some areas - especially around the legs where the plates and chainmail are not so well defined. I cut her off the cast-in base and put her on one I made with the Temple roller from Green Stuff World. There are fleur-de-lis in the pattern which I thought would be a neat call back to the Battle Sisters.

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