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War in Christmas Village Sequels

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Hey Serpine. What do you think of the minis?

I remember that first kickstarter.

I was tempted but the timing was bad so I didn't back.


Hmm. That Christmas treant and those elves are great and Mrs.Clause with her crossbow is very nice.


And I see they're offering a level that includes minis from their first kickstarter...


Yep. I'm in. Unless Serpine has bad things to say.

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5 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

Hey Serpine. What do you think of the minis?


I am very pleased overall with what I got from the first project. The material feels solid and the detail on the figures is reasonably good (they are definitely less sharp then figures from say Zombicide, but close enough that once painted they should fit in fine with other games). The packaging for the core set of 6 figures was great, with a solid colorful box (protected with plastic guards for shipping) and internal molded tray. I had also added on an extra 6 snowmen and a second zombie reindeer. The extra snowmen were individually packaged in little boxes and fine. As to the reindeer, while the one in the box set had been perfect, the second one didn't fair as well: It was bubble wrapped and bent askew on the stand and with antlers sort of squished together. I think some other backers mentioned in the project comments a similar packaging issue on that figure. That being said, I am fairly confident I can fix the problem with some hot water based bending, so it is a small flaw in an otherwise fine delivery.

Edited by Serpine
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Serpine, thank you for the review. Once we get our shipment, as it appears to be in air freight limbo, we'll send you some replacements.


Also, what's your opinion on the d6 direction/scatter die in the box? 


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I don't need a replacement. I've dealt with *way* worse levels of plastic bendage before. :)


As far as the die, I never turn away something to throw in my dice bag but overall I don't anticipate ever using it. I mean, it is just a generic white scatter die without any holiday elements, of which I already have plenty I don't use already (from various prior editions of 40k). If the die indicated winter weather, had three sides each of "naughty/nice", had random holiday monsters on each side, pictured different number of presents or zombie carolers, or even just had numbers 1-5 with a wreath for the 6, then it might have been more interesting (at least as a conversation piece). 

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The kickstarter has completed its  funding and reached about a half dozen stretch goals during its run.


My money had already been collected do now the wait for fulfilment begins.


Looking forward to receiving these as I don't have anything quite like them.

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Minis have all arrived at Amazon for shipping out to backers according to the last update.

Fulfillment should begin soon.

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Shipping through Amazon appears to be a complicated process that the projects creator is still trying to work through. Amazon wants each UPC to be sent to different Amazon fulfilment centres.

I’m starting to get concerned that this is getting more complicated than it should need to.


Most US orders have been sent out and product is now available to order at retail through Amazon.


As a Canadian backer I’m still waiting for international orders to be sent out.

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Amazon has apparently now shipped the minis through Canada Post.

Tracking is showing They should be delivered to me tomorrow.


I hope so.

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As per Canada posts promise, these arrived at my home today.


Minis look good. I like the boxes. Really I’m just glad I finally have them.

Only 8 months late which isn’t a huge delay for kickstarter, but it was all the uncertainty over the shipping method and following confusion that I admit had me on edge about receiving these.


I know there’s a follow up kickstarter coming up, but as I got these mostly for their novelty factor, I don’t know that I want to go down this particular rabbit hole any further.


Nice minis though for anyone wanting to increase their Christmas or holiday themed collection.


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