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5 minutes ago, Painting Dog said:

Is there a significant difference between Brasso and generic silver polish?


Very probably.  I know you can't use Brasso on silver, so there's definitely a difference.  It may be possible to use Silvo but as I have not done this I cannot say what it will do.  It may do terrible things.


3 minutes ago, Painting Dog said:

Thanks again, @buglips*the*goblin.  I'm 99.9% positive these are lead.  There were already some bent parts, which bent back very easily, with no crackle.  And they're pretty heavy for their size.


Also, just so I'm sure I totally understand:  You think it would be OK to prime these minis without trying to get all the darker smudge off them, as long as the details are good?


Yes, if you mean leftover bits after the Brasso.  With lead it's always better to decontaminate since it's more reactive to assorted contaminants and we don't actually know what that patina is, only what it isn't, but you don't have to polish it to a shine.

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I'm almost completely positive that the dark patina you are showing is actually gray automotive primer. The stuff is a complete nightmare to remove and a lot of people used it back in the day. Also, pure lead miniatures rarely if ever come out that shiny after stripping.


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On 12/8/2017 at 11:32 AM, Doug Sundseth said:


Simple Green works fine for lead-alloy minis. Though thick enamels can be hard to get off.


If it's really recalcitrant, you can try a cheap ultrasonic cleaner with Simple Green or go to one of the more ... aggressive cleaners noted here:


Note that many of the more aggressive cleaners are, IMO, significantly more hazardous than lead, though. I'm willing to handle lead minis for hours at a time, brake fluid or acetone, not so much.


Odd.  Enchantra never mentioned Easy-Off oven cleaner.  I've used it to strip everything from lead figs to plastic scale models.  Easy Off will take off the most stubborn paintwork with the greatest of ease - I've used it to take off 30 year old Testors enamels - and it never damages the surface of the fig/model.


The Egg

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Maybe I should try Easy-Off.  Pcktlnt rescued a partha giant lady I'd like to paint up as a WIP for his efforts to save Parthas from the melt table and she's got some kind of stubborn paint that simply will not let go.  Easy-Off is something I probably already have.  Not that I've ever used it to clean an oven.

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1 hour ago, buglips*the*goblin said:

Maybe I should try Easy-Off.  Pcktlnt rescued a partha giant lady I'd like to paint up as a WIP for his efforts to save Parthas from the melt table and she's got some kind of stubborn paint that simply will not let go.  Easy-Off is something I probably already have.  Not that I've ever used it to clean an oven.


Gets that swamp grime off the feet?

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