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Zombicide: Black Plague Hirst Arts walls

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Used mold #344 from Hirst Arts to craft walls for my Zombicide: Black Plague game to take my game 3D.  Going to try it tomorrow night after we meet friends to decorate Christmas cookies with the kids.

board pic1.jpg

board pic2.jpg

board pic3.jpg

board pic4.jpg

board pic5.jpg

board pic6.jpg

board pic7.jpg

board pic8.jpg

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The Living, the Living Impaired, AND their surroundings look WONDERFUL. You did OUTSTANDING  work with them all. 

I don't normally care for Hirst Arts, but your pieces are GORGEOUSVERY WELL DONE!

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I really love "cutaway" wall sections like this for miniatures gaming.  I've been guilty of going overboard with Hirst Arts modular dungeon projects, wherein it's possible to make some gorgeous corridors with walls full of Gothic-arch alcoves and hanging with tapestries and torch sconces and so on, which can make for a GREAT diorama ... but actually PLAYING with it?  Not so much, when the players are seated around the table, and can't see the monsters on the other side of that wall (let alone the status markers on the floor), even though their *character* should be able to see just fine.


Impressive details on the minis, and the walls look amazing!  Thanks for posting this.  :)

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41 minutes ago, Silvervane said:

Very Nice, I like it!  I've been thinking about using the ruined fieldstone molds and modify those plans.  


That could work quite well.  I'd like to see that.

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