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Prehistoric Park Video Game

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Non-Mini, PC Video Game - Dinosaur / prehistoric animal Tycoon. Accurate models, highly customizable gameplay


I know it's not mini-related, but I also know some of you might have kids who like dinosaurs (or like them yourself), and this is a good educational game because they actually did research, applied current and up to date science to their models, and i figured some people here might actually be interested. If not? Ah well! I just thought i'd make a post for it


There are 50 Species planned for Early Access, with more planned


 "Prehistoric Kingdom is a modern take on the tycoon simulator game genre, focused on building and managing your very own prehistoric-themed zoo, populating it with a large variety of extinct animals and opening its gates to the public for your guests to enjoy. As such, our main goals with the project can be brought down to three major aspects:

  • Ensuring a high level of customization for buildings and their placement modes, allowing for almost limitless creative potential. With multiple creative tools provided to help you build the ultimate prehistoric zoo, the possibilities are endless. 
  • Providing a fairly realistic and scientifically accurate in-game depiction of each animal, from its looks to its sounds and behavior. Each and every creature is designed and created with the utmost love and attention. 
  • Offering challenging, detailed, and enjoyable management mechanics that will immerse you even more in the very world that you built! "



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=P well,  i guess some people might like updated graphics, improved controls and customization, and accurate dinosaurs


IMO though, that's kind of like saying 'why bother coming out with this FPS shooter? There already IS a FPS shooter so what's the point' . Why does that game get the monopoly on dinosaur park tycoon? Or 'why make Pathfinder? D&D is already out and done it all'


Not to mention i'd MUCH rather spend $20 for a graphical improvement, gameplay improvement, and scientific accuracy than pay over $200 for a graphical downgrade and inaccuracies out the ears lol . Not everyone is lucky to still have Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, so maybe THAT Is another reason they're bothering because not all of us can drop $280 on a outdated PC game.


BUt i guess since you still have it, it doens't matter about the rest of us that don't have it, right? =P so instead of them bothering to bring a similar but improved game, they should just not do it at all and let the rest of us just watch that price of the 1993 game climb and never get to experience a fun prehistoric animal tycoon game. 


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Ok, this is a MASSIVE project. Especially for only 11 team member to pull off. 

They all seem quite young (not shaming them, I'm young too), and only one guy claims to have experience in the field, but isn't telling us from which game projects. Other team members seem to be in more of a learning phase right now.

They have some nice concept art, but the in game footage looks pretty much like what I would expect, a project from (talented) students.

They're also planning ALL the features a game like this could possibly have and an elf ton of art assets for all the creatures. The funding goal seems low considering they have 11 people working on it (pretty much fulltime if they want to make their time goal) and all those software licenses and hardware to work on are really expensive.


I wish them the best of luck, but this project seems too big to deliver. 

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Perhaps, but i"m going to keep trying to support them. They already have a delightful demo i have been enjoying. If it doens't make it, they still intend to bring the game out, it just will be done more in spare time than dedicated. Everyone has to start somewhere, even if it's students working on a big project, and i'm happy to support such an inspired undertaking

 i'm just glad some people out there are actually striving for educational and accurate dinosaurs instead of perpetuating the movie monster, inaccurate stereotypes  =P Not to mention I am not one of the lucky people to own Jurassic Park operation genesis so this is a tycoon game i have been wanting


but i thought i'd share it here in case anyone else felt like supporting it too

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Sorry, Sirithiliel if you felt I was "attacking" the game or the crowdfunding effort. I wasn't. I was simply indicating it's been done before and done relatively well. Unlike a first person shooter, where you can have different settings, characters, etc. a dinosaur park is a dinosaur park is a dinosaur park - and even the KS you posted has the "Jurassic Park" feel. I'll personally wait until this one (below) comes out next summer....but I do wish the students well, too. :) 



PS - Operation Genesis was available actually at discount book outlet the year after it came out for $3.99. They had piles of it at many of the locations where I live. Sadly, I only bought one - I should have speculated, as I could probably make a mortgage payment with a stack of them now. :)  And don't be offended by my post - I'm "mostly harmless" - even my forum profile says so. LOL

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I wasn' so much feeling attacked as wondering why a 1993 game that costs $280 and is hard to get is considered an okay replacement for a updated, much MUCH cheaper game =P 


i just couldn't understand why 'this game is out, so why bother' was a response to my thread when the game was A.) graphically outdated and B.) EXPENSIVE


as for that game, sure, i hope it does well...but i still want accuracy. I know i'm a minority in that i like playing with real animals in my tycoon park, and not made up monsters, but that's how i feel =P i want to have tyrannosaurus rex, and velociraptor, in my park. Not scaly, naked monsters that go by those names


i'm passionate about dinosaurs, and by that i mean REAL dinosaurs. I like the jurassic park movies just fine, but they are NOT dinosaurs. They are as much a fake animal as Godzilla or king kong. I have to deal with inaccuracy in movies because the media will apparently never get with the idea a raptor can be feathered AND scary, but at least in video games there are some people who will make accurate ones, if they can get hte funding for it


and i'd personally much rather my young niece and nephew learn science and how things are meant to be, rather than what hollywood movies tells them xD


and when it came out, i was still in middle school. Not exactly having any of the electronics necessary to run the game, or the spare money to buy it. So doesn't help me it was on discount and had its popular hey-day when i was too young to enjoy it =P

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I'm guessing the price tag is based on the seller considering it to be a collector's item, rather than an off-the-shelf game.


Search on "Best Dinosaur Games 2017" and you get both video games and toys. Dunno how *accurate* these games are. I'm pretty sure most dinosaurs were not made of yarn or had spaceships growing out of their heads. 


First Created is the yellow flag for me, but a $20 digital download isn't that big of deal for many backers. Good luck!

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