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Adrian Smith's HATE

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2 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

CMON and Kickstarter exclusives, how unexpected :P


Supposedly this will only be through KS and no parts of it will be available through retail.



1 hour ago, Talae said:

This one has been years in the making. 


Here are a couple minis. 



I love Adrian Smith and it looks like they already have some busts available through their FB store but I don't have FB ::(:.  SO I am hoping they will be available through the KS!  I am also a CMON junky! 

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On 12/11/2017 at 5:41 AM, Lidless Eye said:

CMON and Kickstarter exclusives, how unexpected :P




I hope it is good for all those who want it! 

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5 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

I am apparently not the target demographic.  


Me either, but I am very curious to see what kind of stretch goals are offered. 

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      After a long wait, my Kickstarter pledge finally made it to my doorsteps. I know what you are thinking:
      "Didn't you just move?" Yes, yes I did.
      "You haven't finished Black Plague yet!" Also 100% correct - and at some point I will certainly finish it up, but the cult of the new calls! 

      Now on one hand, this project will be a little easier as the aliens will predominately be toned with a single color with the attention being paid to the little details on them. It won't be as intensive of a slog compared to painting individual outfits of clothing.
      On the other, we have a bunch more specialty aliens and a slew more heroes to go through. Who knows if I will get around to painting them all! So this weekend's plan will be doing some prep work, priming and whatnot on a few of these.
      As always, comments and critiques are welcome - I am here to learn. My goal for larger projects such as these is Tabletop "Plus" (not quite display, but a little above a standard base/wash/highlight) for the hero and big units, and tabletop standard for the rank-and-file units (totally fine with base coats + washes + a few details here and there). Ultimately these are game pieces that will be played, so I don't want to agonize over anything getting messed up too badly.
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      This is already funded. I like these, Some remind me of Jan Svankmajer characters.
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      Looks reasonably interesting, and should be included in these forums. I like the baby trolls. 
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