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Great job! I really like your brush control and the love you have invested into the model.


For the requested critique, I could say (yet again) to go for lighter highlights. I used to share your sentiment that "it would look goofy" and opted to stay in the "safety" of shades more often than not. (My Battlelore army is an example) I used to start with a too dark basetone and however I tried to highlight it never would lighten up the overall tone.


So I could sugest you neutralize your base tone, or if you are painting all the way from dark tone to light, try a less dark tone to begin. And as Christopher from AGP Productions says "once you feel that this is light enough for the last layer, apply one -maybe two- more light layers". There is mostly no harm in applying pure white edge highligting at defined edges..


One final point of note is the blood. Blood tends to clot and turn black once outside the body. It turns to a very blackish red. Thus, I suggest you go with the well established formula of "Tamiya Clear Red + black ink". If you like even more gorey look, you can apply UHU (or similar adhesive) to emulate dripping blood.  


Keep it up, boldly lighten up those colors and you shall reap the rewards! 

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