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Ceramic Bisque Tortoise - completed, thanks for the help


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I decided to get this and paint it for my Mom for Christmas. Arrived like this:




Airbrush Primer:




Base coated dark green, realized tortoises don't have green shells so went over the shell with sequential layers of Ochre/Burnt Umber mix, followed by ochre several times. Drybrushed dark blue over the skin.



Washed the shell with burnt umber, washed just the crevices with a thin black wash.




Highlighted the shell with mid yellow, did some speckling of red green and blue on the head and neck.





AND then we run into problems, gotta do the eyes. So I do that...




And we got one ridiculous looking, Stoned of his gourd tortoise. Please help!

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I have painted a War Tortoise, maybe it helps.




Also this guy might be of help for references.




Basically, leave that white out.

Turtles have no white iris, most animals don't.


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