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Boba Fett Clone #1,492 dies. Eaten by a Snorelax. He should not have chopped down that tree.   The tribute to Carrie Fisher was... overdone and clearly tacked on. CGI David Bowie coming down

Okay, like the title says... Have at it! Your own or ones you've found.    

C-3P0 was the true power behind the Sith all along.  Due to his childhood connection with Anakin, he was able to whisper poison in his ear from an early age.  From there he continued to give terrible

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That furry thing from the trailers? That was Han and Chewie's kid. Or, well, one of them at least. Apparently Chewbacca is actually female, and the whole thing about Han and Leia splitting up is because she found out about how Han and Chewie had been lovers for the entire time she'd known them.


Made the movie all kinds of awkward when there was a 30 minute segment of Chewie explaining to the fuzzy things that Han wasn't coming back. But, it did make for some good logic behind why Kylo Ren hated Han so much. I mean, when your dad was cheating on your mom for their whole relationship with a wookie, it's understandable for you to have some serious emo rage.

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Boba Fett Clone #1,492 dies. Eaten by a Snorelax. He should not have chopped down that tree.


The tribute to Carrie Fisher was... overdone and clearly tacked on. CGI David Bowie coming down out of the remains of the exploded star, while fitting and really well done, just... erg. I needed some wine and bread to go with all the cheese.


Poe and Phasma? Did not see that one coming, but wow did she wear the Leia bikini well.

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4 minutes ago, Crowley said:

I thought Poe wore it better.


I just found it oddly self-referential for them to be doing Star Wars cosplaying bedroom roleplay. It was interesting to see them both take on the slave Leia role, but I really don't know why they also both had to portray Jabba. I don't know why they had to portray Jabba at all, actually.


And I really didn't want Star Wars to turn into some 50 Shades type thing...

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Just now, Crowley said:

Both of them. That was a weird flashback...

I was really confused at first. I mean, first they showed Han and Chewy, then I know I saw Luke's robot hand in that scene. It had to be Luke's, right? ::o:

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23 minutes ago, Crowley said:

Both of them. That was a weird flashback...


I thought it was weird when grandpa wookie used the porn machine in the Holiday Special. But then they made it so much weirder by having Chewie use it to do that to himself...

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      So I've seen a bunch of people using "big bucket of monsters" toys for dnd and I decided to try it too.

      Did this guy in under an hour while watching tv, super relaxing! Will use him as a wacky cyclops in my campaign 

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      Okay if this is not allowed here, please delete, but I needed to share because this is way too funny. So if you know the band nitro from the 80's, you know they were loud and pretty awesome. Anyway, the lead singer Jim Gillette and guitarist Michael Angelo (baito) are reforming the band with Lamb of God Drummer Chris Adler. and doing it through indiegogo (its like kickstarter from what I understand). I am not sure they are trying to do a true metal album or trying to do something along the lines of Spinal Tap. Watch the video, its just too hilarious (especially them trying to parody Jim Gillette looking like the guy from Ghost hunters. too funny).
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    • By Joe Wells
      Rawr is from a misfit line of minis called Arcane Legions. Rawr isn't his real name, but I can't be bothered to find out what it was. So now he's Rawr.
      I picked up some Arcane Legions cheap, just to check them out. Almost all of them went straight into the Bucket of Shame. You can probably see why. The non-paint-job is pretty awful.
      I wanted to practice slathering paint on something, so I dug into the Bucket of Shame to select a victim. Rawr kinda grabbed me. The scuplt is actually kinda neat. There's a lot of detail, at least. Not that this paint job would show any of it off.
      So, after a good scrub, I slobbered (is this the correct, technical term, Buglips?) some 9236 Black Green / Green Shadow liner on him.

      Then started blocking out blocks of color into their respective blocks.
      Fur parts and club with 9268 Volcano Brown.
      Leather parts, including club handle with 9250 Dusky Skin Shadow.
      Clothes 9201 Orange Brown.
      Skin 9220 Olive Shadow.

      He looks like an escaped convict still wearing what's left of his prison jumper. Given Rawr's lack of impulse control, this is entirely plausible. At least his skin is all the same color now, and you can sort of tell where one element stops and another begins.
      I'm still waiting for my KickStarter paints, so I don't have many colors to work with right now. Just stuff I've been picking up on sale. So I have 3 different purples, the olive skin triad, and some browns and greens. Yeah. So that's why he's wearing orange.
      Lessons learned: Start inside and work out. Duh. I started with the fur and worked down, finishing with the skin. Probably better to go the other way with that.
      Also, photos will show every flaw. He didn't look half bad in hand. The photos are rather unflattering. Oh well.
      Next up will be to do some washes and see where things go from there.
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