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Marauder Miniatures Liche


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What makes a lich(e), a lich(e)? For those of us who grew up with the first edition Monster Manual, we would say it's a nice crown, perched up on his bony noggin. I mean, look at this guy:



What do you notice? The glowing eyes? The spooky skull? The impending threat of being tickled? No! It's that stylish crown.


Which brings us to THIS guy:



What are we looking at, here? All the hallmarks of lichitude are there, but what's the deal with the hat? Is he, in fact, an undead London Metropolitan police officer? Where's the sweet, sweet crown?



All kidding aside, I am one of those weirdos who like most of the miniatures that Trish and Aly Morrison and Colin Dixon made for Marauder Miniatures. This lich is probably my favorite of the lot. Kind of different from what one would usually expect from the typical undead sorcerer, with a slightly goofy aura about him to offset the menace. I swear this miniature was the inspiration for the infamous Nagash miniature.


My plan here was to challenge myself with a palette that I don't usually use. Evil undead wizards usually dress in ominous reds and blacks, but why not one in yellow? (I've been using yellow for my BB Skaven, but not as much on one miniature as with this guy.) For the second color I added purple, which is a color that I hardly ever touch - I painted his collar and stole(?) with Reaper's Faded and Bruise purples. I'm not super happy with how it turned out, but I'll put that down to inexperience with the color. 


Like most Marauder Minis, this guy is pretty big:



Granted, he's standing next to an old, old Fantasy Tribes lich (note the crown!), but the MM lich still holds his own with most of today's minis.


Gee, I wonder where the FT lich got his pose from?



"Tickle, tickle, tickle!" "...No."


The next time I paint up a lich (and I will, because they're one of my favorite monsters) and it doesn't have a crown - WELL - I'll give that lich a crown...


...Liches LOVE crowns.

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Oh my word! I was born into 2nd edition but (being the nerd I am) I know very well the first edition monster pictures and it is always nostalgic to see one of those black and white yet excellent depictions of horrors untold!


Interestingly the Lich was decrowned in the second edition (probably due to some adventuring fools meddling in things they have no right to) and later in the 3rd and 4th editions recrowned.. Yet again to lose it in the 5th (and final as of yet) edition.. Who do those adventurers think they are?!! 


All that said, your painting does great justice to this endangered species. Very well done. Yet I do hope he (she?) reclaims his (her?) crown from those pesky adventuring types soon.. 

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Maybe not all liches were kings before dying? 

and only some were conceded enough to declare themselves kings afterward. 


but now im going to think "Tickle, tickle, tickle" when I see a lich.  

the problem with them tickling people is the paralizing touch  - reduces the wiggling and giggling. 


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I have to admit that the joke is also influenced by Xykon in "The Order of the Stick" comic, who wears a crown just because it looks cool (not his actual words, those are a little non-family friendly).


Edit: +10 internet points to the DM who has a lich say, "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" to the PCs. With a completely straight face. 

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