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New DM is throwing up too many red flags!

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On 1/18/2018 at 12:43 AM, Cranky Dog said:
On 1/17/2018 at 6:45 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

If one brings a llama, can it be a demon llama? 

Make it an alpaca.


Specifically a Hellpaca! (movie in production). With acid spit attacks. Their fleece is fiendishly scratchy (everyone is allergic!). Devils keep giving sweaters to mortals and watch them suffer in mild discomfort.


 Are they here to start the Alpacalypse?







On 1/18/2018 at 10:05 AM, BobofLangkasuka said:


Do you want the engineers at the table to spend 30 minutes arguing over whether or not the Cloud-Bridge of Tranznibzulpar would collapse as soon as the construction supports were removed?


   I once had a party of egg-heads TPK themselves, because an engineer busted out a calculator mid-game and pointed out that the thin, creaky ice bridge over which the party was walking wasn't thick enough to hold their combined weight. And so, completely over my protests as the DM, they all decided the party fell to it's doom and began rolling up new characters... :rolleyes:





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On 1/18/2018 at 11:23 AM, BobofLangkasuka said:


My point was that although some pit ponies were born into it and accustomed to it some were brought in from the outside. 


Another, probably better example, would be Reverend Devil, the robber John Morrell. His gang would bring their horses into their deep cavern hideout. None of those horses could have been expected to be already accustomed to life below ground. This was half a century before the use of horses as pit ponies. Yet they regularly transitioned horses from the heat of eastern Texas and the wide open spaces to the cold confinement of the caverns.

Murrell didn't take the horses deep into the caves - he had a hidden entrance to a cave near the surface. People went deeper into the caverns, but the horses were near the hidden mouth of the cave.


Several reasons - the wind blew into the cave at that point, which helped keep the horses from panicking, and more importantly meant that smoke and other smells didn't go out at that point.


Fresh water likewise flowed into the cave at that point.


Not so much a dark cave as a natural stone barn. In, wait, then get them out and somewhere else, not leading them deeper underground. (And he mistimed that sometimes - he was caught several times, and branded for it.)


Also, by having the horses near the surface it meant that pursuers were more likely to retrieve the horses, rather than continue pursuit deeper into the caves.


It wasn't just horses that he stole - he was known to kidnap freed slaves and sell them back into slavery.

I used him in a game way back when.... He wasn't the first to use the Kisatchie Caves - they had been used as far back as the Spaniards.


If you want to look for something more dungeon-like, look up the smuggling tunnels under Rottingdean in England - chalk tunnels, and sometimes ponies were led through them. (Which is where I learned about blindfolding horses to get them into the caves and tunnels.) Not for long, and only through the widest tunnel. Which connected to the church....


The Auld Grump

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      Hey! So I've been putting paint to minis for about two months, and I've yet to finish one up satisfactorily. So I thought I'd come here and ask y'all for some C&C for a struggling newbie.
      The Tiefling is an NPC baddie for my DM, and I'm struggling trying to get more detail on his face. I tried adding highlights to his t-zone to make it less flat but getting detail in such a tiny space is driving me mad. I'm also not happy with the highlights on the tail. How do ppl do faces on minis without much detail to the sculpt? 

      I've been struggling with transitions and blending/glazing. On the mouseling the transitions are supposed to be glazing but it just comes out more of a wash with a heavy load of pigment where it settles. I've tried wet blending, but I don't know how to get that on smaller or more detailed/textured areas.

      I'm a lot happier with my skelly boys, and I'm going to try NMM on the swords. I'm wondering how to reduce the shininess on the varnish (the middle one). I'm using Vallejo matte varnish, but there are still reflections under light.

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      So the stars have aligned and Mudgullet has been released just in time for my group's Tomb of Annihilation playthrough.  I'm planning on going for a simple, suitably froghemoth-y color scheme but have realized that my palette is lacking in the greens department.  Oh, no!
      So, time to remedy this.  What should I grab from the MSP and Bones paint lines to give me a good selection of greens, while limiting the number of colors I need to buy (maybe 3-5 bottles this purchase)?  What are some of the colors you folk tend to reach for, with an eye towards versatility?  The Power Palette is only as good as the swatches it pulls from, and it's been my experience that Reapers paint swatches are very hit or miss, unfortunately.
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      I hear horror stories about people getting frozen bottles of paint. Is there any way to tell if the paint has been frozen prior to using it? I was concerned about this when I did my holiday paint order, but it was a little unseasonably warm the day they were delivered. What does frozen paint look like & is there a way to salvage it if it has been frozen?
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Hi guys,
      So I got a greater number of Infinity Aleph minis from a guy who doesn't find them fit to his playstyle.
      Anyway - I decided to create my own bases, opposite to the clean and attractive style of the Aleph minis using some kind of a long lost and ruined city.
      Like this:

      I also got Atalanta and her SpotBot and I think that this spotbot has quite a personality and I want to create his base accordingly.
      (Picture for reference)

      So I thought that it would be fitting to have some kind of robot head or so he could stare at. (Like to 2b in the picture below - but being a mechanical rabbit with sad eyes).

      So I thought about using a space marine head but I don't find it fitting to the whole setting and it would just disappear between the rubble and the debris I prepared for the base. And it wouldn't match the style of Infinity.
      On the other hand - I tried using a bandai mecha/gundam head and it is way too big for a 25mm base. Does anyone have an idea which could help me solve the problem?
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