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Frost Giant King miscast (anyone else?)


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A month ago I opened up my Bones 3 Frost Giant King and started assembling him. I then noticed that the right hand on the bracer was miscast and missing half of the snake decoration on it. I contacted Reaper and asked just for the right hand replacement. They were super nice and sent me a whole new frost giant even though I only needed the right hand. The problem is this one had the same exact miscast on the right hand bracer. Is this common on all of them or just a few? Anyone else have this problem? I hate to say something again to Reaper since they sent me a whole new giant and paid the shipping ect but I really want this model to look good since the frost giants were the whole reason I backed bones 3. I guess I am just curious if this is a problem that is on all of them. (I found one painted one on the internet that had that view and it seemed like the detail was all there on that one).

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Bad news and good news for you:


First the bad news:  I checked my Frost Giant King and it had the same lack of detail on the right bracer:




Now the good news:  When assembled, it’s not really visible, as it’s mostly covered by the kings’s fur cape:




It looks like the detail was intentionally removed to prevent fitting problems between the arm and the cape.  So, unless you doing a mod without the cape, there’s no problem!  Just trompe l'oeil in any missing details that might be visible and continue on!


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