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narthrax the "amethyst" dragon

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    • By Evilhalfling
      Dawnsfire roars her defiance at the setting sun. although they fear her power during the day, the servants of the Dark One will come again this night, seeking once again to gain the artifact that she and her ancestors have protected for a thousand years. Someday they may rest it from her and begin the ritual open the gates of the Night, but it will not be today.

    • By Evilhalfling
      I decided to go outside the box on dragon colors. 
      @Sirithiliel was a great inspiration,  but I don't want to steal her colors directly.  hopefully this one will look as good. 
      So here are the colors 
      lots of false starts  found a wing I liked but not a dragon scheme. 

      How about a google search on lizards? 
      Bother.  nature beat me too it.   well maybe ill modify it a little .... it does look a little sillier than I want. 

      Final Drawing: 

      Ill go lighter blue on the main body and dark & striped  on the tail
      So that's Red liner on the red area, and blue liner on the main body and tail. 
      that will give the face a less monotone coloring. 
      I want to really try and leave the liner visible between the scales. 
      Planning on getting the colors right first then adding thin black glaze to provide shading.   I guess white in half steps for  highlighting. 
      most color changes will be when the scale changes.  I'll paint the wings first, as proof of concept. 
      Kind of a fun way to spend the day.  the power went off while I was doing crayon drawings.  I didn't notice.  
    • By theleast
      I'm painting again after a looong absence.

      The colour scheme was inspired by Australian Frilled-neck Lizards and Thorny Devils. Base was extended with an MDF circle, cork, stones, and green stuff. I used my airbrush to prime it all and lay down the base colours, then lots of hand-painting, washing and drybrushing.
    • By wdmartin
      After two months of work, he is done!  I give you ... Narthrax the White.











      If that's not enough for you, there are a hundred and forty eight more pictures in the WIP thread, documenting his development in excruciating detail.
      On a side note, as I made the final adjustments and took the photos, I finished watching the climactic episode of Critical Role.  And it was awesome.
    • By wdmartin
      So my players are soon to face a white dragon, and I have no suitable mini!  Therefore, I've decided to make Narthrax the White.

      TADA!!!  All done.  You may all be boggled by my superlative skill now.
      But seriously.  I've got this base -- a 120 mil oval seemed like a good size for this figure.  I think a standard 3 inch circle would have been a bit cramped.  I want to put a hoard on there in the lee of the rock:


      This is probably the most ambitious base I've ever attempted.  Usually I use pre-made ones, and I do have a rather nice 120 mil oval one from Micro Arts studio that's been sitting unused for two years -- but it would be a TON of work to get Narthrax's perch to integrate smoothly with it, and the style of the base doesn't suit what I want at all.
      This Narthrax is going to be white.  That means COLD.  It has to be a snow base, which I've never done before.  Furthermore, I want his hoard of coins and jewels to be frozen in a layer of transparent ice, peeking out at the adventurers and taunting them with the difficult of chipping those out of there one at a time.  I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to do that, but I suspect it will involve Vallejo Still Water.  The trick is 1) it has to look frozen, not wet; 2) it has to be transparent enough that you can see the hoard glittering underneath, and 3) it has to look like a comparatively natural ice formation.
      As for the coins, the research I've done suggests either a thin round of greenstuff sliced into little circles and painted, or else a bunch of round gold glitter.  The glitter sounds like a lot less work, but the greenstuff may yield more believable results.  I guess we'll see.  As for gems, the one main suggestion I've found is to get one of those bake-a-suncatcher kits that come with tiny plastic beads in bright colors that you're supposed to melt into pseudo-stained-glass in the oven.  Those would be about the right size, though not particularly the right shape.  If anybody has any other suggestions on either of these, I'm all ears.
      I'll also need to build up some terrain around the perch.  I could do greenstuff, I guess.  I've probably got enough. Or just heaps of PVA glue with dirt on, maybe.  Dunno, haven't done much of that before.
      In terms of color, I want there to be a range of intensities of white for him, and sufficient contrast that he doesn't become one big white blob.  I'm thinking of the following for palette base coats:

      Snow Shadow: for body scales and wing membranes.
      Amethyst Purple: for the ridge of spiky scales running down his spine.
      Palomino Gold: for his underbelly.
      And then many layers of thin Solid White building up to a pure white at the edges of scales (and such).  I am undecided on what to do with the spikes that jut out of his spine, or the claws on his feet and wings.  Perhaps something much darker than the rest -- would Walnut Brown with Gloss Sealer to make it shiny be too much for those bits?
      I've never painted a figure this size before.  And I've got very limited experience with painting dragons -- I did 03664, Fire Dragon Hatchling, 03651 Storm Dragon Hatchling, and the 89016 the Jabberwocky (Bones version).  I've never posted pics of any of those -- they turned out okay, but nothing special.  The Jabberwocky's base is way cooler than the Jabberwocky itself.
      So I guess this will be a learning experience in many ways!
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