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It is so gruesomely wonderful! The idea is splendid and the excetuion is flawless, as usual! 


Thanks for sharing the WIP images as well. Truly inspiring! 

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Well, now that's certainly Christmas-y!::D:


Try Tamiya clear red for your blood, it gives a very good 'fresh blood' look.

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That's uhhhhh horrifying and gruesome in the best ways! I love the conversion :D i have never painted guts...I wonder if a shiny topcoat would add to the effect of slimy grossness hmmm...this is very inspiring! 

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OUTSTANDING! That is a WONDERFULLY ghastly creation. The conversion is highly imaginative & BEAUTIFULLY crafted.

Your SPLENDID work with the brush, eye for color & LOVELY base finish the piece off in FINE fashion. VERY WELL DONE! 

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