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These are really cool. It's also really interesting to watch you work with your cast armatures. That whole technique seems pretty unique within the industry, and seems like it's working out as a great way to build a wide range of sculpts with a unified look and feel.

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5 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

I've got stress knots now from trying to get the cloth folds right.  I think it looks ok though.  <sigh>


It looks great. Very reminiscent of some of the Chinese "Seated Buddha" statuettes I've seen.

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I got a bit more done on these this weekend, not as much as I had wanted to do, but still spent a couple hours on them.


The Cleric got more cloth, arm and neck underpinning, and underpinning for his sleeves.  I also started sculpting one of his side broaches, and it was turning out awesome, until I noticed a small hair-like fiber had pulled tight across a key piece of detail.  Try as I might, I could not extract it and ended up ruining about 30 minutes of work trying.  I rage quit at that point and went on to one of the others.





The sorcerer got his legs and lower robe underpinned.






The bard got his rock and legs sculpted.  I also put some brain time into how I am going to approach his instrument.





That's it for now.  I'll likely tackle more on the cleric or druid at lunch today.

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