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16 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Looking good. 

I have a feeling these are going to be a very popular line. 


I hope so. :unsure: 


I'm at the point in the project where it is work moving forward.  I've never had this many figures in a single theme all at once before, and I still have two more that I haven't even started yet.  I've hired a highly talented concept artist to help me design those as my creative tank is getting low right now.  More on that later. :poke:

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At lunch today, I sculpted the medallions on the bard's clothing:





Loosely based on this:


Related image



This side will have a short sword hung on it:






And then I sculpted his hat:




I did it in Apoxie/GS so I can hollow it out after I take it off of the plastic.

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Oh, and for the record, I'm back to positive about this project again.  I was really depressed yesterday for some reason.  I read that post from then now and wonder who was in my brain, because it doesn't even sound like me.


I have the whole night tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night set aside for working on these.  I'm hoping to finish the Druid and Cleric either this weekend or early next week (unless I get distracted and end up working on the bard's instrument; that could happen :rolleyes:).


Right now the Druid and Bard are my two favorites in the line. The bard kind of snuck up on me too; one of those that sort of came together as I was working on it instead of being completely planned out ahead of time. It sort of looks like my brother when he's playing his bass. :lol:  That said, I just saw the preliminary sketches for the two Mori is designing, and the Ranger is going to knock everyone's socks off, just saying.

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i completely understand creative blocks and getting depressed by them. I've been going through that a lot lately - I WANT to create, but I still have previous projects I need to finish - and that just makes me not want to do anything. 

Glad you reached out to Mori - can't wait to see her concept art, and your 3d interpretation of it. 

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Well, I didn't get nearly the time I wanted this weekend, but had a lot of fun with my son instead, so still a win.  I did remove the raise hand from the cleric and underpinned a new cupped hand armature.  I also sculpted him a tea cup.  I totally forgot to take pictures of these.


I got nothing done on the druid, the bard's instrument just called to me and I worked on that.  That turned out to be a lot of work that took a considerable amount of time last night and this morning.  Here it is as it now stands; though, I think it will touch up a few areas once fully cured.






Also, @Morihalda finished the designs for the ranger and rogue.  For the ranger I asked her to make it Mongol inspired with a bow. For the rogue, I gave her free reign as long as it doesn't end up looking like a TMNT.  She did an awesome job, and I couldn't be happier.  Expect armatures for these later this week.  Here are her sketches and the research that she based them on. 
















Thanks again, Mori; these are fantastic.

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What does TMNT have to do with any of this?! 


Clearly these are adolescent genetically modified martial arts tortoises.  A totally different thing. ::D:


They are coming along great, your idea to cast the partially sculpted armatures is really paying off! Imagine all the extra work if you'd had to sculpt their shells indivudially...  Can't to see the rest of them coming together!



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Well, you'd think that with a whole week off work, I'd get tons of sculpting time in; you'd be very wrong.  Wow, what a week.  So much family life happened.  I won't bore you with the details.  That said, I did get about 3 hours in this past weekend (I had planned on 10 to 15 for the week, but I'll take this as a win anyway).


I sculpted the wizard's staff.  It turned out really cool, but since the pictures didn't turn out at all, I guess maybe it didn't happen?


I pinned and glued the instrument to the bard's hands.





I ground out and sculpted the inside of the bard's hat.  I'm debating whether I should attach this to his head or leave it as a separate piece (I tacked it on with blue tack for these pictures).  If separate, that will make this a 4 piece mini, and I'm not sure I want to add that much to the cost of it.






I sculpted the druid's hands and half of the raven.  I hope to finish the raven today.





I finished the tea cup and glued it to the cleric.  I'll be adding his hand around the cup and some steam later.



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That hat would be nice as a separate piece just on it's own. 

There are enough cool details to these turtles that an accessories sprue with the best of them would be awesome.  Maybe a generic turtle with a "build your own" sprue of accessories? 

Not your call, I know, but a thought to throw out there.   They're all looking really good so far, but i can't wait to see the raven finished. 

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For the bard, I don't know the best balance between cost and options, but I would expect it to be easier to paint the face before attaching the hat. On the other hand, he has closed eyes, so maybe the face doesn't need full access for fine detailing.

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