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Got the heads cast in wax.  I used my scalpel and some heat to open the mouths of 3 of them.  The lower jaws on those will need re-sculpting after casting, but this gives me a good armature to work from.


Last night, I made the tree of turtle heads and weapons.  I'll invest and cast these on Saturday. I think I'll try bronze again.



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Castings look great, it's almost a shame they're only for making armatures...


Edit - this comment was not intended to diminish the role of armatures. :)



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On 4/14/2018 at 7:47 PM, TaleSpinner said:

I have the first one assembled and ready for sculpting:


IMG_1888.JPG.911e21142d25bf0417e493d821f582fb.JPG IMG_1889.JPG.fae0cd9d6bb7601ce0862958a6c12677.JPG


IMG_1890.JPG.3c3efab9ac501bae06789b3db501e26b.JPG IMG_1891.JPG.0cf6202293674a3f25a49485c7a50a88.JPG



I'll add the sword later; it will be in the hand above the head.


First thought was turtle martial artist & not the TMNT type but more of a traditional martial artist.


Nice start!

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