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Skellyman army (wargames factory)

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Hi everyone!


So looking back at 2017, I am absolutely ashamed to see that I had only completed 5 (five! Only five!) Miniatures this year. Granted, I didn't have access to my painting stuff until April, and had five major life events happen this year both good and bad. The minis I did complete I am very happy with, and I did really push myself to get better and learn some new techniques.  I also started about 30 miniatures that have not been finished, so I did more painting than it seems. 


When looking at my paint desk it has become apparent that I have far, far too many unfinished projects- including a few from more than four years ago. 


Therefore I have 3 goals for 2018:


1) paint 52 miniatures within the calendar year. Any stand alone miniature counts.


2) of these 52, complete at least one CAV force to bring to reapercon 2018.


3) complete two unfinished miniatures before starting a new miniature.


In that vein, I have started my resolution a little early:IMG_20171228_223657.thumb.jpg.fd637eeb4b66c478f313923574eecfe8.jpgIMG_20171228_223835.thumb.jpg.b7858845735c75858983c0320c5017a9.jpg

IMG_20171228_224433223_HDR.thumb.jpg.4033b8b2d4b3f568dbf147c0eba51af7.jpg These are 20 skeletons from wargames factory I assembled and primed this summer, but never finished as I had airbrush problems. Tonight in about 2 hours I blocked them in woodstain brown and began dry brushing with terrah khaki- a nice bone color by the way! 


My intention is the shade and highlight them, then arm them. I want to use these guys as an excuse to try verdigris... I am very excited to see how it turns out. If i get these guys done I'll already be more than a third of the way to 52 miniatures. Wish me luck and expect more update soon!

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18 hours ago, malefactus said:

You have made a fine start on some OUTSTANDING  Deadites. Have FUN with them all!

Thank you, as usual, for your support and enthusiasm! I love your work, by the way!

On 12/29/2017 at 3:29 AM, Darsc Zacal said:

I liked a lot of Wargames Factory minis but I never did get these skeletons. Kinda wish I had after seeing yours.

I they definitely have some distinct advantages and disadvantages over other skeletons. The main one is that they are VERY finicky.  For example, the feet have to be glued to the ankles... They don't come as one piece.  The arms also have ball joints. This is a double edged sword because it makes them particularly difficult to work with, and makes them feel fragile because of how thin the pieces are. On the other have, they are well proportioned and can adopt a wider variety of poses than most other skeleton kits. I would buy them again, though interestingly most people who review them consider them too fragile for gaming and instead use them for their bits to decorate bases, terrain, etc. 


If you see a kit, I suggest you pick it up! I think it comes with enough to make 40 skeletons.

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Wife and I performed our yearly christmas ritual of binging all three of the LOTR movies (extended edition).  This results in some serious painting time for me.  After letting the quickshade dry, I went over it again with more terran khaki, then started working on the glowing eyes.  



I have tried glowing eyes before, but have never done them well.  I am pleased with how these ones came out, while still recognizing where I fell short and how to do better next time.  One lesson is that the deep sockets with these skulls make glowing eyes and OSL a little tricky, because unless they are looking up, there are going to be natural shadows in the sockets at most light origins.  Nevertheless, I am pleased.


I tried two strategies to get the eyes I wanted. The first was to start with deep greens and build up, while the second was to go full white then glaze over with a rough equivalent to watered-down scorpion green.  These two techniques are exemplified on the left and right, respectively.




I'm not sure which outcome I like better, so would love some feedback from you all.  I will say that most of the skeletons do look like they have glowing eyes from table-top distance, especially if you get on their level.  Since I was shooting for table-top quality, I was happy with how they came out.


Oh, and as for the blue stripes, all the sentient baddies in my campaign have some blue on them to show their allegiance.  For these guys, I decided that the mark allows that arm to kill, which makes the resurrection magic cheaper and easier to execute.  That's why the dominant arm of each skeleton is banded.


Weapons are next.


C&C welcome!  

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I like the one on the right and will be stealing your method for my next skeleton.


Aside from my first skeleton, where I used testor's red for the sockets, I usually just leave them with a light black inside. Which lets the natural shadows do most of the work.

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Dang autocorrect.
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Spent a good part of the day working on deciding how I wanted to do the metals in weapons and armor. Ended up going with 2 coats of GW Gehenna's Gold, followed by a wash off GW Reikland flesh shade, then Agrax Earth shade to get the shields on the left. 


For weathering/ verdigris, I first applied a heavily thinned trim of game color scurvy green, then a thinned later of reaper copper verdigris. I then performed a very thin drybrushing of verdigris over the whole thing. I went back over exposed bolts etc with gold once more, then finally created nicks in the weathered shield with brown liner followed by reaper New Copper. Here is a comparison shot of tarnished vs untarnished shields.


This is my first time doing verdigris, and I am really happy with the result, though I would do a few things differently if I had to do it again. Let me know what you think!

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Spent some time exploring other ways of doing verdigris. Most folks techniques I have seen involve undercoating with verdigris and then drybrushing with copper... But I already did the copper undertones, so I needed a new strategy that took less time than the shield in the previous post.


The solution I found was to put on a dark teal wash, followed by a verdigris wash. Once it was dry, I revealed the copper the same way you would on a statue... By rubbing it with my fingers!


This has the dual effect of removing verdigris and clumping it. It's also a lot faster than what I was doing before. . Here's a progress shot... Might get some shield shots tomorrow.IMG_20180103_223558505.thumb.jpg.c89225a520e0d9acac882d8773f8b8cd.jpgIMG_20180103_223812397.thumb.jpg.5f2ea60b2e0cf64a88a1c64649ea0a34.jpg.

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Hi all,


I feel as if I am at a bit of an impasse. I love how both the skeletons and the ancient metal are coming out.  However, I feel as if there is not enough contrast on the models, and when viewing them from tabletop distance, they look too... homogeneous.  Do they look "boring" to anyone else? Does anyone else have a suggestion for how to fix them?

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After almost six months of trying to finish up an already half finished project, I present to you the finished skeleton horde.  It isn't perfect, and there are things I would do differently (that never happens, right?), but I learned a lot about OSL, verdigris, and making chips in arms and armor.  All in all, a success, and that brings me from 0 to 20 completed figures for the year.  The goal is 52 so I still have a long way to go!



And, it looks like the upload manager is busted.  I'll try again tomorrow- but they're still done!

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