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Jasper paints stuff for Savage Rifts

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I'm going to be running Savage Rifts some in the new year (at least until everyone gets tired of either 1) dying, or 2) being indestructible, or 3) wants to go play some 5e.

For those that don't know, Rifts is Palladium Games "everything and the kitchen sink" game setting; magic, psionics, sci-fi, monsters, giant robots, dragons, aliens... you name it.  Its actually the game I started out my RPG journey on, many, many years ago.  So when Pinnacle decided to Kickstarter a Savage Worlds version of Rifts, I had to pledge.

Since we had an open time (one game ended, our other one is on break due to renovations) I figured we could try it out.

Palladium has some older Rifts minis, and I got some of them ages ago. I'm planning to paint up some of those as needed.  I'm very reluctant to buy any new ones from them (until I get phase 2 Robotech figs, or the world ends in some apocalypse, whichever comes first (I'm guessing the apocalypse)) so I'm also looking for other alternatives (also, the Rifts minis are pretty dated, small compared to the current scale, and even then the scale seems to fluctuate between figs). Suggestions are welcome.

Some of what I'll be assembling/painting are proxies.  I've seen nothing in 28mm that looks much like a UAR-1 Enforcer, but I have a nice big stompy Weird War 2 mecha from West Wind that will be at least (scale) 20 ft tall. I've got a couple of old VOID mechs that should get some paint on them.

And starting out I've got some Reaper Cyber-Reavers I ordered aas part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.  These will be painted up as Coalition Skelebots.



Just cleaning them up an removing mold lines so far.  Haven't decided yet if I'm just going to put them on the slottas with a little putty or find some resin bases.  They are just mooks so keeping it simple would make sense, but they are also easily posed so could take advantage of some interesting bases. Bases I'd need to find, in boxes......hmmmm.

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Found some resin bases that will do. (really need to order a bunch sometime soon)



Trying out the "cut the slotta into pins" thing, since trying to pin these guys is annoying.  Seems to be working ok.  4 down, 4 more to finish later, then get the rest of their arms on.

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Got the other 4 on bases this morning.



Hopefully get all the arms attached later today, and figure out how to re-attach the gun on the front right guy. It was off when they came out of the pack.


I think I'll go with the newer paint scheme for them, something like this:




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Felt like doing some more assembly tonight.


These are ready for priming tomorrow.  Not sure if the gun will stay on the guy that had it broken off, but it will have to do for now.  I haven't found the box with my wee little P3 pinning stuff yet, and my standard paper clips are bigger than his forearm is....


While I was going I decided to put together an actual Palladium Dog Boy.


There will be some gaps to fill on this little guy.  I have 3 more Dog Boys, but the rest are all one piece figs.  I'll get them out and clean them up soon.


And since I had tea left, I pulled out the fig I'm going to use as a proxy for the UAR-1 Enforcer (a standard Coalition big stompy robot).  This is West Wind's SOR-G03 Tiger Mecha from their Secrets of the Third Reich weird war II game.


It is not small....


Assembled it will look something like this:


That should be fun!!!


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Heh, noticed this morning I had the turret sitting backwards on the mech last night. :upside:

Put it aside as I'm not starting it for a bit, and cleaned up the other  3 Dog Boys.



Then cleaned up all the mess from assembly and prep.  My shoulder didn't feel up to painting on the IMEFs this morning, so I went with priming instead.




I'll give the shoulder a rest running errands all afternoon.  Hopefully get to painting tonight or tomorrow, assuming we have power.  Big messy storm rolling in tomorrow.



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So it seems I over stressed my back Thursday morning getting stuff ready for the storm.  By Thursday night it was complaining and yesterday I could barely walk.

A whole lot of heat and movie marathons later and it is starting to relax.  I'm a bit paranoid about my back as I've had 2 impingments before, that last of which left me walking with a cane for a few months. So when my back complains I take it very easy.

That said, I was getting pretty bored, so I popped in to try out a painting session after supper.  Back felt fine, which was good.


Gave the skelebots a base coat of Solid Black.  And gave one a quick attempt at parking out the white in Solid White. The "ribs" need to be redone, and the face needs a bit of work, but the pattern seems ok I think.

The plan is that the black will be highlighted with the dark elf skin triad, the white I'll probably give some shadow to with some "not quite so white" as yet to be determined.


Time to go back to the Star Trek marathon resting my back, and hopefully it will feel good enough for another session or two tomorrow.


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Some progress, I think.


The guy on the left has gotten some highlighting (nothing special, these are tabletop mooks after all), a new attempt at the white markings (I think I'll leave off the knees and foot marks, they seem a little odd to me....think I'll remove the, err, crotch mark as well, it draws attention and doesn't really follow with the spine marks like I thought it would).

The skull is easier to paint like this, since I can follow some contours.  I like the dark bits under the cheeks, seems to help, as does getting the nostrils in black.  Ribs are ok, I guess, but my free hand skill is basically non-existent.

White is now in....Ghost White, highlighted with Solid White.

Decided to do the guns in metallics.  Scale 75 Black Metal highlighted with Thrash Metal. (I'm so glad they are such good metallics, since that have such awesome names!!)

Started on the base as well with a good coat of Muddy Soil (I think) for the dirt and some Shadowed Stone for the tile-ish parts.


The guy on the right is the original test of the white markings, with some bits changed as I was experimenting, just for comparison.

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So game prep for Savage Rifts has been taking up all my free time that I'd otherwise be painting figs for Savage Rifts.

That should become less of an issue as I get more familiar with the rules get more stuff formatted the way I like for easier use.


I did decide to start a separate WIP for the tiger mecha: 


Since it is massive, and while I'm using it as a proxy for Rifts, I'm not painting it in a Rifts style, it gets its own thread.

On the game side, things have gone pretty good so far, although I haven't managed to kill any of them yet (not  even robinh...).


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but you did try hard... I can at least give you credit for trying to kill the big stationary pinned to the ground not moving target!

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On 1/18/2018 at 3:04 PM, buglips*the*goblin said:

Are those skelebots the old ones made by RAFM? 

Sorry, missed your post.  No, these are Reaper Cyber-Reavers: 50097.

I do have some "Damaged Skelebots" from Palladium in a blister, but they are pretty blah.



Taking a break from the Tiger Mecha for a bit, so back to the skelebots.



Just some work on the base coat for the stone tile pieces on the bases this morning.


Edited by Jasper_the_2nd
Fixing a typo
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Looking for some suggestions.  Out of my XX,000s (20) of figures, I don't seem to have anything that is even remotely like a Coalition SAMAS.


(Original and the new gen Super SAMAS)


Don't really want to get the Palladium minis (for a number of reasons) but there must be something somewhat similar out there.

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