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Fantasy Personalities - A Long Term Project by Clearman (Photo Heavy)


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In addition to my 2018 goals to paint better and work on new techniques, I've decided to also start a long term project.  I have about half of the Grenadier Fantasy Personalities line (series I and II) by Julie Guthrie.  They've been sitting in a Chessex storage box for ~30 years, and now they will finally receive paint.


Based on the info at Lost Mini's Wiki, there are a total of 156 models between both series.  I have 81 in the Chessex box, and a couple loose that I need to track down.  Since the my count for the entirety of 2017 was only 55 models, and factor in the other models that I will work on, this project will take a while.


I am starting off with four models prepped:


887 - Berserker

869 - Chaotic Thief

820 - Henchman

8102 - Chaotic Swordsman


Stay tuned for show offs.


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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Are you going to do WIP's or directly put them in Show Off?

I would like to see how you do it and with what colours!


Well, honestly, I'm bad with traditional WIP documentation, so probably won't be doing that, at least in the traditional sense.  Definitely will be posting Show Offs, but was think of consolidating them all in this thread instead of individually.

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As I was going through things in an attempt to get organized, I realized that I still had several of these painted from back in the day.  So I thought I'd kick this off with a snapshot of where I started circa 1990.  These were some of the first I ever painted, and would also be the last as this period led into the beginning of my 20 year break.  I barely knew which end of the brush to use, but there may have been some drybrush action going on.  I believe this is all Polly S paint.


They are showing the wear of being bounced around for 20 years, and some have pretty significant chips.  I'm trying to decide whether to keep these as is, or strip and re-do.


0814 - Chaotic Hero



0847 - Death Lord



0861 - Adventuring Wizard



0880 - Wraith



0891 - Adventuring Cleric



0892 - Barbarian Archer



0893 - Champion w/ Two-handed Sword



8101 - Fighting Paladin



8103 - Dwarf Adventurer



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The barbarian archer is also lying in my box of old minis from way back. I also started painting again about a year ago, after a 20 or so break.

I keep a few I was happy and proud of, the rest is getting repainted, and experimenting with new technichs and stuff -poor fellas :0)

It dosen’t stop me from bying new ones.. but not as many.

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This is the first that I have given a 'modern' paint treatment.  So far I have noticed two things about these older figures - There really isn't a lot of bits to worry about, and I'm terribly spoiled on 28mm and 32mm figures.  I just don't remember 25mm being so small...


0887 - Berserker




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