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03821: Half Orc Merchant


I saw this guy and all I could think of was a random merchant walking between towns trying to stop you before you go to town and buy his wares. He might even have a quest or two at some point. 


  • The first photo is the base work I did on him. These is a VERY heavy miniature. I decided to keep him attached and just sculpt a base around his to blend. There will be grass and what not at the end which will blend things even better.
  1. I primed this chap then started working on his back pack and decided I should stop and do the face since it is usually the hardest point for me. It came out well and I may tweak it a be by the end. I wanted him to look like a "Fancy man" trying to get your attention and putting his best face forward to sell his wares. HA!
  2. The back pack coloration is inspired by the Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild treasure chest I saw online; dark brown with gold trim. Also in this picture you can see the rest of the base. I wanted to portray him possibly breaking over a direction sign (to the town) so you will ask him then he would offer his wares. ::):




0 Half Orc Merchant Sculpted base.jpg



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More base coating right now. 


3. I painted the jacket in Tanned Leather and Brilliant Green. The pants are done in Lonestar Leather. The only thing I did most work on his the gloves and the leggings. Much more work is needed. The brilliant green will be brightened up by the end. I'm even thinking of trimming the green in gold(yellowish).


4. Back: as you can tell I base coated the "gold" on the chest. I also did some shading on the chest. From Charred Brown  to to Ruddy Leather. Then highlighted with Carrottop Red. Additionally I tried out the NMM on the barrel bands. As well as detailing the planks of the barrel. The little blue box is done in Denim Blue. It is not detailed just based. 



My goal is to do some free hand on the jacket... some inlay. Again I'm going with a Renaissance tone here and there jackets are pretty elaborate to say the least.  

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Some of the limited I had to paint this week I managed to get to the treasure chest. I'm not too happy with the chest but I'm working on it. Additionally I added in guideline dots on the tunic (jacket). I learned this from Bailey here on the forums. Any recommendation would be welcome. Thanks all.


Half Orc Merchant #5 progress



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Got some more done recently. Got most of the chest taken care of as well as did the small box on the bottom. I attempted more NMM on a metal band I painted onto the blue box. I'm not very pleased with how it turned out but I needed to move on so I may or may not re-approach it. 


I did some shading on the back pack straps using the Red hair Triad. It turned out well although I want to add more texture to it.


Base coated the sign post and the staff post as well as the primary belt.


The last thing I did was use that color from the belt and base coated the last two little bags. Using that same color I also added some light shadowing to the parcel on his back.






I figured I would attach a picture of my wet pallet as well so you can get a feel for the color scheme.




This miniature is teaching me how much I need to practice NMM.

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More work done on the fancy orc Merchant!


  1. Trim on the jacket
  2. Green poof on the jacket
  3. The jacket
  4. Pants
  5. Trim on the boots and gloves
  6. Parcel on the back pack
  7. rope on the back pack
  8. Belt
  9. Hat.
  10. handle rings on the treasure chest.

I'll try and make this brief as it was a lot of little things and I forgot to update half way.


The pants i did a striping technique to add texture. The Jacket I attempted some free hand that after and hour and a half looked like crap so I painted over it and began a brighter tone on the jacket. The poofs I highlighted up but am not done yet. You see the trim work on the jacket and how it looks bright then dark and almost silk. I want to do that with the poofs. I just need to highlight up a little more and go deeper green on the recesses. The hat got the same as the trim and jacket.


The belt was fun as this miniature as detail work sculpted into the belt so I just had to pick out the low spots then move up from there. Still going to add some detail to it. Obviously the buckle is not done. The parcel on the pack was fun and I added streak marks which gave it this worn look.


The NMM on the "silver" handle rings on the chest didn't turn out well but that is my experience with NMM on that shaped object. I had to get it as best I could then move on. I may reapproach it.


Lastly is the rope; i wanted a color for the rope that was different from the rest of the miniature so I when with great. I need to do some layering work on it but the base coat is great. I like the light contrast of it. I'll probably shadow it with darker greys but highlight with terrain khaki brown and leather white. 


What color do you think that bag in the front should be? I can't seem to decide so I've just left it for now.





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On 5/8/2018 at 8:05 AM, LarsM said:

Wow looking great. And the NMM is superb! 

Thanks! I'm working on my NMM. I use to do only TMM. learning NMM i think i enjoy the process more. ::): 


22 hours ago, DanH said:

Looks great so far!

A very interesting figure.

TY, isn't it! It caught my eye back when it came out and I just couldn't shake it from my mind so I bought it and started doing it. No commission or anyone reason just fascination.

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I did the sign last night but forgot to take a picture. It turned out swimmingly. I looked up "Clay" and found red-ish clay seals and the color just seem to work with the whole model.

I practiced a few designs (freehand) and was getting good at them but then realized I was doing them larger than the area I had to paint. Upon trying to paint it on the sign I messed it up a good 5 times. Finally settled on a diamond icon for his sign. Freehanded it on the front and back and detailed it a bit. I'm pleased with the results but it definitely tells me that I need to practice freehand more. I think the cross over skill is just drawing in general. Which I plan to start up this year with Jake Parkers How to draw everything series on SVS



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      As you can see from the title, I'm a noob playing around with layering. Or glazing? I'm not sure about the difference, in the tutorial videos I watched, both techniques come down to painting diluted paints over a base coat.

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      Some other minor detail, I've tried to paint the shadow of the body on the base of the wings. Not sure I like it, but you only see it when you go looking for it anyway...

      One more picture that I took, can't really think of any commentary.

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      Hi, I want to start this to get me motivated to get some accountability and hopefully guilt myself into working. So here is the very first of hopefully many steps.
      The first step is to prime the miniature, I've done that, the 2nd step? To photograph the miniature to capture the volumes of real light that shows where I want my light source. For this I want two light sources. So really that means I just used my computer screen and my ceiling light, adjust the miniature to taste and get the angle I want to set the light.
      The screen light is whiter and will be the light from outside the window, the yellower ceiling light will be my tavern fire light and will be the primary light source.
      The skin will be fairly shiny so this is pretty much a mandatory process to get those realistic sheens....because I'm literally stealing form reality it helps a lot. If I were a better painter I could fake the light sources with enough knowledge. Thankfully  I have some serious shadows on the model, and my mid tones will have a lot of room for blending.
      The problem now? Picking my colors.
      What do I know? I know the floor is wood colored and the axe/haft materials
      I know that I'm going to want off white and pinks for eye whites and gums teeth etc.
      The gold of the primer is actually a really beautiful color for a fantasy creature, so I might see if I can't keep that.
      So Gold, pink, whites/off whites, and browns, I don't know if I want a two toned or patterned beholder. I think this is gonna be a challenge whatever I do. I think I want to go for a fleshy color

    • By Peithetairos
      I am happy to present my entry to the 18th quarterly contest. I worked hard to achieve a nice contrast, using texture, complimentary colours and value. Another focus was the cavern base and the water and splash effects. I am happy how he turned out, but comparing him to the top four trolls I also know that I need to push myself even more. I guess that is what it is all about. 


      Given the metal version is NSFW I include some links that show him in his full glory.
      Cave Troll Front
      If you are interested in the painting process also check out my newest blog post. 
      Cave Troll - More pics and painting info
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