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LTPK Minis 08906 Skeletal Archer Orc Marauder Mangu

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Painted 2/17 with LTPK received at Xmas. Asked for it after tough experience painting minis with Folk Art craft paints. (See bugbear warrior post.) Soooo much easier! It was like a different art form altogether.


I followed the directions verbatim with the skeleton. I like greyish orcs so changed the skin tone and some other colors. IIRC, Mangu is per the painting guide.


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1 hour ago, hotdogthebarbarian said:

Thanks Citrine. I watched a YT video (I believe it was Sam Lenz) and he recommended using a brush that is one size bigger than seems comfortable. It's been good for me as it keeps me from being sloppy with the "extra space" provided by smaller brushes; which is what I was doing at first.

 Sam Lenz is good to follow!  He gives great tips and is an amazing artist!  Just don't become a brush licker like he is!

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