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13 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

Update number 3 suggests they aren't aiming for too many miniatures in this game. 

Makes sense.  What will be included seems more than enough in my eyes. 


I'm still surprised at just how interesting this game seems to me, mist be my old Natural Selection (a game) days coming back ^_^ normally I'm not into horror or survival horror at all. 

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Looks like shipping to Canada is from Poland by boat with UPS. :angry: So... expensive shipping, 2 months later than the US, and brokerage fees highly likely. Yay.


A while ago 

AR_Jordan Collaboratorposted on the KS page:We send to canada via postal services so backers can avoid UPS brokage fees, they will be shipped first in line with other economic shipping so they should arrive along last UPS packages as shipping will take 1-2 months


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On 19/01/2018 at 7:34 AM, Dan d'Lyon said:

Hmmm...I watched an hour of the BoW gameplay and was bored out of my mind.  Actually, that was what caused me to drop my pledge.


It got interesting around the 1h13min mark.  Only one of them made it out in the end. 


Much as I find the game neat, I might be dropping my pledge simply due to the slow boat shipping alongside the cost.  Before shipping its already $180ish CAD, and I'd much rather spend that on painting supplies (and miniatures) 

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I was kinda hoping this game would have multiple gameplay options like turning it into a bughunt besides the survival horror. Or different game types and plotlines for replayability. I mean if you have the minis why not put them to use. It's going to be boring playing the same "aliens! run and hide while doing a couple objectives" over and over again. There's a comic book with a story that seems choose your own adventureish and might be innovative, or might crash and burn. I'm still not seeing the value for the cost and the Carnomorphs add-on is half the price of the core game and no where near the content. I'll wait it out the next 10 days and see if it gets better before I back out. I need to make sure it's worth the $250-/+ its going to cost me. Probably better off waiting until it hits retail and goes on sale.

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On 1/26/2018 at 9:00 PM, Leader of the Rats said:

There's a comic book with a story that seems choose your own adventureish and might be innovative, or might crash and burn.


Whoa, that's ambitious.  They mention in the update that a polished comic takes a lot of money to produce- but do they know how much work they'll have to put in to learn to write a comic well?


I generally assume that game designers absolutely suck at fiction writing (and once in a while, I'm pleasantly surprised).  How was the writing in This War of Mine?


I hope they surprise me, but I'm definitely going into it with low expectations.

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Many bakers (myself included) are currently receiving emails informing us that ...



The status of your order has changed.

Ready for shipping

Your order is in transit to shipping hub! We currently estimate shipping directly to you in November / December, depending on your shipping zone! Once it will ship to you, you will get status update with a tracking. 


It's probably nothing much but it's a definite sign of progress.


Obviously I removed any sensitive details but it seems loads of the backers are all receiving the same email. It's a week or two earlier than the creator's estimates for the shipping crates to arrive at the various shipping hubs so many of us are feeling lucky. Or confused. Often a bit of both.

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Well this morning at 5.33am UPS put my parcel on the van.

At 8.27am they turned the engine on and drove the van out the depot.

Then at 6.14 pm (PM!) they took it back to the depot and decided to deliver it tomorrow instead.


They're only about 15-20 miles away. Must be a very busy delivery driver.


It could be worse.

They could be DPD!


Not a happy bunny.

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Box arrived here today in jolly old England. Everything seemed to be in order but I'll have to make a more detailed investigation. The bonus box included the comic (which I had not added so I'm a little confused there). No early bird freebie Medic but then she was an expansion so I imagine she'll be turning up some time next year.

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