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    • By Wikkidcrow
      Mr Bones, kind of what you think he would look like. Enjoy guys :).

    • By Dr.Bedlam
      Some thoughts:

      1. Lex Luthor, archenemy of Superman, spent the first 50 years of his existence as a mad scientist. Only after the first great DC Reboot, the Crisis on Infinite Earths, was Luthor retconned into an evil megalomaniac businessman. The new Supergirl TV series has set up another character, Maxwell Lord, in pretty much the exact same role.

      I find it disturbing that we pit our fictional heroes against egotistical self absorbed businessmen, while in the real world, a hell of a lot of us seem prepared to vote one into national office.

      2. Since Superman's inception in 1938, he has featured in the mass media, first with a radio show, and later, several different TV shows. In those shows, sometimes, Kryptonite is used as a plot device to explain why evil businessmen or ordinary bank robbers could pose a threat to a guy who can juggle Buicks. However, in the comics and the media, kryptonite didn't appear in every single episode. Superman was allowed to juggle Buicks, so to speak, most of the time; it's why we tuned in, after all.

      However, in most episodes of the new Supergirl TV series, kryptonite is seen nearly every episode, usually weaponized in the form of handcuffs or darts intended to subdue or kill Kryptonians, engineered by the government. In most of these episodes, they are used by the government agents against Supergirl, for one reason or another. I find this irritating. There are two Kryptonians in the whole universe that are on our side, and once a week, we slap one of them around with Kryptonite? Is this a good idea? Or can we just not stand to have a strong female protagonist in the TV series? Does Superman have to put up with this nonsense?
      Or am I just talkin' thru my hat or what?

    • By EvilJames
      Just got back from it a little while ago. Really liked it. The shrinking/regrowing while fighting made the action a little hard to make out at times. While not Marvels best outing by far, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable movie. (And let's be honest, that bar is set pretty dang high at this point.)
      What did everybody else think?
    • By Pingo
      :bday: A happy birthday to you! 
    • By dsmiles
      "So, you wanna be a superhero? Well, let me tell you something, kid, superheroes are a dying breed here. The Mastermind sees to that. Someone has to stop him, and even our best and brightest have died trying. What, you think you can succeed where the rest have failed? You've got guts, kid, I'll give you that. I'd hate to see 'em splattered all over the street."

      That was a week ago, and he's dead now. He was the last. There is no one else, it is all up to you now. You're all this city has left, and you're nothing more than a half-trained bunch of rookies. You don't even know how to work, let alone work together. But the city needs you. Will you be the answer to its prayers?


      Big Darn Heroes is a campaign based on TSR's Marvel Superheroes (now out of print). It's going to be a little more cinematic, and a little less reliant on die rolling. It is intended for 4-6 players.

      Here's how it's going to work (and you're going to need percentile dice for this bit):

      Step 1: Choose an Archetype (yes, there can more than one character with any given Archetype, and yes I am letting you choose). The available Archetypes (with examples) are: Alien (Beta-Ray Bill, Silver Surfer), Altered Human (Captain America, Spider Man), High-Tech (Black Panther, Iron Man), Mutant (Cyclops, Wolverine), and Robot (Adam Warlock, Vision).
      Step 2: Generate attributes. The basic attributes are FASERIP, for those familiar with the system. Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, and Psyche. Secondary attributes are Health, Karma, Resources, and Popularity.
      Step 3: Generate special abilities. The special abilities are Powers, Talents, and Contacts.
      Step 4: Fill in the blanks. Name, background, etc. Details are good. A 15-page thesis is not.

      Become familiar with the system, as the (little bit of) die rolling will be consistent with the game. On that note...THE HONOR SYSTEM APPLIES any time I ask a player to make a die roll (which should be few and far between).

      Please be patient with me, this is my first play-by-post gamemastering attempt. I will post pretty regularly, and will let you know in advance when I won't be able to post for extended periods.

      Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

      Player limit has been reached. If you are still interested, feel free to PM me and I'll put you in the queue. If you're in the queue, don't run off, I'll have jobs for you. (Plus you'll need to know when a character is irrevocably removed from the game, so you can jump in.)

      Current Players:
      Auberon (Aegis [Ethan]) Unit04 (Type Zero) Aard_Rinn (Salamander [Lee Waits]) Ludo (Mace Ember) Dilvish the Deliverer (Cambion) Qwyksilver (Ghost) SparksMurphey (Slingshot) NightyKnight (The Surgeon) Current Queue:
      The Setting:

      The Rules of Posting:

      The Characters:




      Mace Ember

      Dark Magik




      The Surgeon

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