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GW 51-08 Tyranid Hive Tyrant

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    • By OvantheWise
      Venomthropes That I did as a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine.

    • By OvantheWise
      Post Apocalyptic Punk Models I did for a commission Feed back is always appreciated.

    • By Jaws
      Latest addition to the family. Still waiting for my 60mm bases.:

    • By Pingo
      This is the fourth of the five dragons I've painted since February (which, by the way, are the first dragons I have painted since roughly 1985).  Deathsleet is one of the bigger ones. 
      I underpainted the entire dragon black.  All of the color is from iridescent or interference paints which use the optical properties of microfilms of Titanium White on microscopic flakes of mica. 
      The result is rather like the rainbow on an oil film or the inside of a nacreous seashell, thus I called this an "Abalone Dragon."
      (There was a wash of turquoise blue pigmented paint early in the process to smooth out some rough transitions.  Apart from that, it's all optical effects.  Oh, right, and I painted the rocks it's standing on normally.)
      It is extremely tricky to photograph this paint because the color effects change based on angle and lighting.  I have a few shots of the same perspective with different lighting to show how it can change.







    • By Jaws
      I noticed some 40k stuff posted here, and wanted to show off these conversions I made from amazing bits; previously created by Epoch Studios. 
      The miniatures below are used in our Necromunda games, and in Tyranid Attack. An older board game release:

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