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    • By SparrowMarie
      After a hiatus I am writing a blog post to help my sanity! This next post is all about brushes and brush care. 
      So my question to you fellow painters is: If/when you are/were new to painting what would you like to know or would like to have known about brushes?
    • By WhiteWulfe
      So for those of you who are experts on this kind of thing, I have a question that's bugging me a fair bit, and hoping to get a few answers.  Started using my Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 0 brush, which had pretty much a perfect tip to it when I bought it...  I have a few hours with this now, maybe 3, and it's been doing this since around the ten minutes in mark....

      ^That's how it looks right after I take it out of my paint water, and then blot the excess water off....  Well, about 95% of the time anyways, but still.

      ^This is what it does just lying on my desk within 2-3 minutes after the fact -well, about half the time anyways, sometimes it waits until paint goes on...

      ^For example of how the bristles go in odd directions and won't hold a point, this is right after a quick dip into one of the washes I'm working with at the moment, although usually the split is most of the way through the bristles.

      For reference, this is how it looked brand new (sadly, I don't have any shots of it out of the tube and with the protector off before initial use)
      So, a few questions come to mind:
      - What is happening with this?
      - Can it be fixed?
      - What can be done to prevent it from happening again?  Kind of... Okay, I won't lie, I'm rather annoyed (to use a forum appropriate wording) at a $25 CAD brush behaving in a manner none of my other brushes have (well, until they've seen a LOT of use)
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Mirya
      Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for fixing the fishhook tip that develops on brushes after awhile. Is it even possible? I tried brush shaper with no success (although it's possible/likely there's a technique I don't know about that would make the brush shaper work better) I'd love to replace my brushes less frequently, and salvage some I already have :-)
    • By SparrowMarie
      So this has probably been asked, I've looked around the internet and can't really find any concrete answers. I have the W&N brush cleaner and restorer. I have some dying brushes. How do I use this stuff? Like how long do I need to soak the brushes? Do I even need to soak them, can I just dip it and leave it on for a while? If I have to leave it soaking how do I hold my brushes up without letting them rest on the tip of the brush? 
      I have master's cleaner and I've used that pretty regularly but these brushes are too far gone for just that and since I have it I figure I might as well try it.
    • By rfusca
      So, I've just started recently and after much research, I figured out that I'd need a few 'throw' away brushes for dry brushing, gluing, etc, and then at least one decent brush.  I picked up a cheap variety pack of brushes from walmart for $3 and a winsor newton #1 .  My expectations on the WN were...not met.  It doesn't hold a tip well at all, the moment I touch it to anything, it starts to splay out. In fact, the cheap brushes from Walmart seem to do better. 
      Bad brush possible? Or bad technique? Am I expecting too much?  I've definitely not let paint into or dry in the ferule, I rinse often, and i tend to twirl the edge of the tip to bring it to a point on the pallet.
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