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WhiteWulfe and Rune are taking the random rainbow dragon challenge!

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Pfft, we're nice! 


Honestly, sometimes I have to beg to get critique because people are too nice. We like newbies. If you get going, we'll help you out, not tear you down. No one starts out knowing everything! 


Adding you to WhiteWulfe's part on the WIP list, since your dragons are in same thread :) 

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1 hour ago, RuneLyall said:

Really want to say thanks for the kind words and advice. I'm always worried to start something like this because I'm always afraid of what people will say or if they will tear into me for my lack of knowledge and skill.


So I'm very happy to join a welcoming community. Can't wait to start and see what I can accomplish. 


Thanks again everyone!!! 


Just remember that you are painting for yourself and that nobody starts out perfect and almost nobody starts out great. The only rule you need to remember is that if you are having fun, you're doing it right.


Oh, and always have some bacon handy, it keeps the dogs happy.

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6 hours ago, Gargs said:


Just remember that you are painting for yourself and that nobody starts out perfect and almost nobody starts out great. The only rule you need to remember is that if you are having fun, you're doing it right.


Oh, and always have some bacon handy, it keeps the dogs   WOLVES happy.



*** Now hand me the bacon and nobody gets hurt!***

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Mmmm, bacon.  When we have bacon in our house we usually get the Applewood smoked stuff because it's tastier.  Maple is a nice change every now and then too. 


As for bacon, sorry Glitterwolf, there's no bacon to hand over - something about tricky, hungry foxes alongside hungry wolves and now there's none left. 

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No progress on my dragon yet (he hasn't even been broken free of his plastic prison, the poor guy), but Rune's order is in now, including brushes, although I'll have to pick him up a 3/0 brush as I accidentally ordered a 30/0, oops.  On the flipside, I did get him minis for the LTPK's so there is that ^_^



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An actual update, yay!


First and foremost, this is not only a couple's challenge, but it's also now what I'm playfully calling "triple treat, double date" because we're adding in a few more dragons....  For myself, I'm adding in 77177 Wyrmgear as well as Diabolus, but I reserve the right to "substitute" in 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon because Diabolus is out of stock in a number of places.  Hubby has rolled for a second dragon, and odds are he'll be going with Diabolus or that pathfinder Red Dragon (probably the latter simply because he really REALLY prefers the design of it).



^So, for Wyrmgear, we have...  Pure Black primary, Heather Blue Secondary, and Clotted Red as a highlight.  Hmm, will definitely be interesting to say the least, especially since I'm rather curious about having him be like some sort of synth creature.  For those wondering what I mean by that, think living latex creatures with a more or less solid skeleton underneath.



^For Diabolus (or the Pathfinder Red Dragon), we have Cloudy Grey primary, True Blue Secondary, and a Pure Black Highlight.  I seem to keep getting black on my rolls, but I take that as more of a "challenge accepted" than anything else o_O



Rune rolled 10, 6, and 1, giving him Imperial Purple primary, Brilliant Green secondary, and Fire Red as a highlight.  Unknown if he plans on going for a third dragon or not.  I'll ask him later on.



Onwards to more updating!



Oh look, I've assembled my Ebonwrath after spending about an hour cleaning him up.  Man, some of those are difficult to get to, and looking at my photos I can already see one or two I've missed, but that's life.


If you're wondering about why he's positioned how he is, I was debating back and forth between whether to get him a 120x95mm oval base, or a 168x106mm base....  Given that I'm going to be bending aka "flattening" out his wings in order to have him look even more aggressive and/or as if about to take flight, I feel the larger base would make sense...  I'm currently debating between the 120x95mm lava flow base or the 168x106mm urban rubble bases that Secret Weapon offers.  Odds are the larger ones will win out as they'd accommodate the wingspan more (aka stability), not to mention I like the extra details that's in the urban rubble.  Already thinking of the 168x106mm Scrap yard base for Wyrmgear, and if I go with the Pathfinder Red Dragon (as he would "technically even out" the costs of my dragons back to $20 each ::P:) I'm rather liking the idea of the 120x95mm Desert Wasteland base.


No updates for Rune's dragons as of yet, but he's mainly waiting on us to get that dedicated miniatures desk (which is soon, just a few weeks away now!) so he doesn't have to keep stealing the paints away from my desk - such a sweety :wub:


The paints and models that we don't have will be purchased over the next month, with the paints more than likely being purchased as triads because why not (aka I want a few more paints to work with, and triads are nice and handy-dandy)

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Hubby isn't a fan of assembling miniatures, and asked me to assemble his.  Okay.  But I'm not trimming flash and mold lines off of two Ebonwraths in the same day again.  Wow, that was... work o_O



^Hey look, you can almost make out the source of that blurry blue LED that's in some of my pics... ::P:


^And for those wondering why the wooden USB stick cap?  Rune's dragon, the one on the left, currently keeps trying to fall over, so he got something to stand on / in so I could focus on using a camera instead of keeping a dragon from falling over drunk on the superglue fumes...


Payday can't come soon enough, I want to order a few things, like more paints, but especially some green stuff so we can fill the gaps ^_^;;;



As for a second or third dragon each, well...  Yeah, I'm definitely going with the pathfinder red dragon as my third (and Wyrmgear as the second), while hubby wants the pathfinder red dragon.


It's progress, it's slow, but it's at least progress ^_^ 

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First and foremost, more progress, YAY!  Even more yay is my very first adventure with greenstuff, which went... relatively well.  Didn't take too many pictures during the process though, since I thought it's working time was a lot shorter, not to mention my fingers were kind of covered in the stuff even with keeping them wet.  Oh well, it was a learning process, to say the least ^_^



So first and foremost, we have both dragons!  Rune's is on the left, mine is on the right.  The gaps on Rune's dragon weren't as bad, but I also did his second, and realized I didn't have to go so heavy with the stuff.


^Apologies for the lack of focus, seems my phone decided the middle of the neck of my dragon was what I was trying to focus on, instead of the wings...


^And Rune's dragon, done up somewhat more tidily than mine was ^_^



Things are starting to take shape with our d20 random dragons, I'm looking forward to next step, doubly so because it's painting! :wub:


EDIT: Oh right, Wyrmgear for myself, and two Pathfinder Red Dragons (one for each of us) have been ordered and are on the way, with their rolls having been posted earlier.  I'm also seriously contemplating rolling for Kyphrixis as well, but we shall see ^_^

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I..... Uhm...  Yeah, couldn't resist the urge to give another set of rolls.  I swear I can stop at any time...  Oh wait, actually, this'll make five total for me, so yeah, I will be stopping at that many.......For now ::P:



Kyphrixis is coming out on March 5th, so....  Yeah.  That's going to be one rather bright dragon quite possibly.  Challenge accepted!



Because I didn't want to leave it at four (five is a much nicer number, for various reasons)...  Rolls for Deathsleet.




Aaaaaaanyways, moving along, additional progress was made on both myself and Rune's Ebonwrath!  We both had a different plan for how we wanted ours to look for posing...  Myself, I felt he'd look rather lovely in a fairly intimidating pose, as if growling at the sight/sound of intruders, even including an annoyed flick of the tail.  Rune on the other paw, wanted his to look not quite so aggressive, and more like about to burst up into flight, or having just finished flying for the time being.  Needless to say, this involved spending almost an hour kneeling in front of a sink making use of the 65C hot water we have direct from the tap....  But an hour dealing with a semi-steam room that was more than worth it in my eyes ^_^


Let's start with....  Rune's dragon first today.  We'll go alphabetical, or something like that :P



^First and foremost, we have a request from Rune that I honestly didn't know if it could be done, but after five separate attempts and almost burning fingers twice I did manage to reduce the crinked/craned neck a decent amount.  I accidentally gave him an almost inquisitively cocked head as well, but hubby likes it, so it stays.  Yay for accidental things hubby likes!



^A pic taken that hopefully shows the altered neck off a tad better..



^And the obligatory side shot!



Moving along over to my Ebonwrath...


^To me... That feels like a rather annoyed dragon...  Like almost about to breathe fire, or swat someone with a wing...



^Ack, he saw the camera, keep moving, keep moving!




^Wanted to show off a few different angles, including the angle modified tail.




Looking forward to getting some paint down on him, as is hubby, although I suspect he might wait another day or two for me to fully finish moving everything around so it's easier to access and all in one area (aand.. y'know, doesn't require having to go near the space around my desk that's chock full of hazards at the moment (tons of miniature boxes that I'm trying to find a spot for).

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No updates on the dragon since I wound up doing other things last night, but out of the blue Rune walks into the living room with a d20....  His third dragon of choice?  Kyphrixis.  What he didn't know was I was planning on getting him one when it comes out anyways, but hey, he's chosen the dragon, now what did the dice choose...  Sorry, no pictures, totally forgot about that (I blame lack of morning coffee at the time), and no video either.


10, 7, 15.  Imperial Purple primary, Olive Green secondary, Mint Green highlight.  Intriguing.  And he likes the idea of the colours, which is also nice. ^_^


Odds are an update of some sort involving the Ebonwraths will happen tonight because hubby's been regularly dropping hints about how he wants to paint his dragon this weekend over the past two days ^_^;;;


EDIT: That's right...  Total tally now for rainbow dragon plans is 5 for me, 3 for Rune o_O

Edited by WhiteWulfe
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On 2/22/2018 at 2:27 AM, Glitterwolf said:

It's nice that you can paint and hobby together!


Looking forward to see what they will look like when done.


I'm definitely looking forward to how they come out myself...  It's going to be a rather interesting experience to say the least, doubly so that I've gone and rolled for a... few... of them.... ^_^;;;


Today's first update is brought to you by HOT WATER!  Yes, it isn't cookies, or bacon (bacon's cooking as I write this though), but hot water...  As in grrrrr, back into the drink you go you silly dragons that decided you didn't like how we posed you.  Two additional sessions later, we're hoping we finally have them shaped how we want...  We're waiting another hour or so to keep an eye on them (hence the bacon, and we haven't had breakfast yet anyways), and if they FINALLY hold how we want them...  It's primer time.  Yes, I know they're Bones, and don't technically need primer, but I strongly suspect that greenstuff does require primer, and it's also rather useful in discovering mould lines you may have missed ::P:


We also wound up setting up some sort of photography area, and made use of my lil UltraPod II....  Hubby wanted a platform, so we built one out of the LTPK cases.....  Only to find out that the lens we got him has a 0.5m minimum focusing length.  Oops, that would explain the half an hour of troubleshooting why it wouldn't focus on his dragon's muzzle.... <_<  So he stepped back two feet, and oh hey, presto chango, it's in focus!  Everything is in focus!  YAY!  I'll playfully say though, his camera is sexier if you prefer the retro look, as he has an Olympus EM-5 mk II and I have a much more modern looking Panasonic G85...


Before anyone asks, Rune has said he'll post his photos once paint starts going on ^_^


As before...  Rune's dragon is up first!





Such.  Uncooperative.  Wings.  But after a bunch of work, I was able to get them into a pose Rune wanted, and liked.  Along with the "nowhere near as cocked" neck, Rune wanted the tail to have a slight playful curl to it..  Sure!


Aaaand then there's my dragon...






Mine isn't quite as playful, to say the least.  Someone clearly stole his cookies, and then waved bacon in front of his nose (then proceeded to eat it) or something, because mine looks ready to destroy the world...  And that was kind of what I was going for, to the point where I titled the third picture "YOU STOLE COOKIES!!!" or something to that effect.  Managed to get his tail to stay up higher to keep that angered menace (sadly, not as high and in a pose where it was rather obvious he was about to tailsweep, but such is life), plus I widened his horns somewhat to almost indicate that hey, this one has a particularly wide breath attack... :wub:


Now that they're FINALLY keeping the shapes we want....  Painting will be happening today.  As well as laundry.  But painting is enjoyable, while laundry is one of those "ugh, I have to do this annoying thing, I'd rather be painting" things.::P:

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A few hours later, we have update #2 of the day!  Might even be three, if I don't get insanely distracted going out for groceries!  ....Mobile phone post this time though, but such is life.


Anyways!  Got some 09108 brush on white primer onto him, and as one might expect, uhm...  White on top of another shade of white doesn't really reveal that much detail.  At all.  Doubly so if it makes you go cross-eyed verifying you got all the spots.  So, to alleviate this, a second round of priming happened, but this time as somewhat in between a wash and a glaze...  Two parts 09037 Pure Black, Three parts 09065 Grey Liner, and six drops of water, not to mention making this batch up four times for full coverage...  We have this...






Intriguing.  My mobile doesn't quite capture detail as well as my G85 does, but one would hope that a dedicated device would do such.  Files are also easier to edit down to forum size from the G85 too, thanks to BLURRRRR.  Why didn't I use the G85?  Black on a black background tends to look... Yeaaaaah.  Not so good.  I'll pick up some white cardstock in a bit - actually, that's why I stopped painting for the moment, that and picking up something for supper...


There were two main reasons I did this, although arguably three...

- Arguable reason: he's going to be black anyways

- Valid reason in my eyes: I can actually see the detail of this and that, and get a MUCH better mental image of what my next plan will be (this is one of the reasons why I'd originally switched to grey primer years ago, back when Armory spray cans were consistently good and without issue), and

- It's a LOT easier to see spots you've missed, doubly so if you use something in between a wash and a glaze because it won't stick to bare bonesium.  I've already touched up a few spots with a mix of 2 parts 09108 brush on primer, and 1 part 09065 grey liner

- Okay, four reasons....  It can help with contrast, and the shadows between scales thing.



What I've found truly fascinating from doing this though?  Well, there's the obvious OMG MY DRAGON IS COMING ALIVE!!! bit, but also how having used those two colours mixed together gave some scales more of a grey colour, while others were darker.

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Three updates in a single day...  Kind of happy about that to say the least ^_^


First and foremost, because I'm detailed silly like that, I took some pics with the G85 of how he looked primered...  They're behind the spoiler, since they're better pictures of stuff already shown ^_^








Up next, we have some colour, although roughly drawn in at that...  Started with a mix of four drops of 09122 Terran Khaki to two drops of water, but the paint didn't spread very evenly, so wound up adding another drop of water in short order, making the ratio 4 paint to 3 water in the end.  I managed to get the wings, and then started on some of the scales before two things happened...  One, my hands started shaking slightly, quite probably due to two, I was getting pretty tired.




Going to be interesting painting each and every one of those scales, that's for sure! o_O

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First session for the day...  Hoping for more to come later today, at least one more, although I won't lie, it's also tempting to work on my gnolls or Tau too.  Would have gone longer than I did, except for the simple fact that I was starting to go cross-eyed, so decided taking a break was a good idea.  Something about staring intently at small tiny little scales for a long period of time...


Colours for today, are, uhm....  Well, not much really...

09122: Terran Khaki, mixed four drops of paint to three drops of water.




So. Many. Tiny. scales.  But on the flipside, I'm liking it, not to mention he's steadily coming out as actually looking like his main colour is Terran Khaki, which I'm rather excited about.


Now, as for something I've been contemplating writing about, and figured why not.  Various thoughts and whatnot that came to my head...

  • Why didn't you just outright coat the entire dragon in Terran Khaki?  Good question.  Biggest reason is two-fold...  First, I spent that time doing two layers of priming so I could see more of the details, and secondly is something I've wanted to learn for a while - brush control.  In a way, I figure one of the "best" ways to work on such is quite simply to paint the top of the scales.  That and it'll give more shadows and whatnot to start working with, PLUS his secondary colour is black after all. ^_^
  • Why the almost 1:1 paint:water ratio?  Curiosity, I wanted to see how it would work - and I like how it's been so far. ^_^
  • Why Ebonwrath over the other choices?  Uhm, truthfully?  Because I originally thought only a small selection were allowed, and Ebonwrath is :wub: ...Aka he's kinda dreamy, and really called to me the most out of all the various dragons I had originally looked at.
  • Why ~FIVE~ dragons planned overall?  Silly answer is "because I'm nuts" but the actual reason is more along the lines of liking the number five.  That and my av/character (that you see as my av icon here on the forums) has five tails himself.  Plus I like the random aspect of the random dragon challenge.
  • Will you be doing these dragons sequentially?  Knowing me, I'll probably have like three on the go at once for variety.
  • Really, you like the randomness?  Yup!  It makes me think out of the box, and figure out how on earth I could make certain colours work together.  It also gives me an excuse to buy dragons, as well as more paint ::P:   Thanks to this challenge, over time I'll wind up owning a good portion of the first 108 core MSP pots, which will work rather nicely alongside my planned full set of Bones and HD paints (each of which I'm going to be close to 50% once those boxes come in!)
  • How'd you talk @RuneLyall into this?  I wound up showing him the thread while we were in the hospital, and he went "that's neat, I want to roll!" and that's pretty much it, yup.
  • Why a combined thread for the two of you?  I'm more into forums, so it's easier to keep a thread alive if one of the people involved in it is an active forum participant ::D:
As for general plans with Ebonwrath....  Over the next couple of days I'm hoping to get most of the initial Terran Khaki down on the smaller scales, and then the belly scales will probably wind up being black of some description.  Not quite sure how I'm going to do the highlighting and whatnot, but I'll figure something out.  As for the lava orange highlight, I'm alllmost thinking as an accent to bring out along the edges of the belly scales, and have his spinal ridges almost look like they're aflame, but we'll see.  That one's still in the air, but I do know that I'm seriously contemplating having the tips of his horns look like they're cherry hot from a recent breath attack or such...
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