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WhiteWulfe and Rune are taking the random rainbow dragon challenge!

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Aaaaand oh hey, it's a... double date of a dragon update?  I dunno.  Just a wee bit tired so can't come up with something silly, yet appropriate.  Or that makes sense.  Anyways, I painted my Ebonwrath somewhat as well!




^Upper portion of the wings.  They're actually a lot darker in person, but with me being tired, I didn't quite feel like trying to argue with my camera to get the colours closer to how they are in person >.>;;;;



^Bit of work done on his face, and horns.  Still debating about how I'm going to get a colour closer to what I want, but so far I'm happy.  Wouldn't mind more orange though!




^And the base coat (more or less) for the underside of his wings.  If you're wondering why it seems like there's an overlap in paint near the middle of each underside of the wing, that's, uhm...  Because I painted along the rear side on one, and "front" side on the other, and then said "SCREW IT, the WHOLE THING'S ORANGE NOW!".  I'll work tan in there later on....  Maybe.  I kind of like the bright orange undersides.... ^_^;;;

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Added some black to make the scales "pop" a bit more, dunno how well it turned out ....




What I did today, just did the second wing and such, nowhere near done clearly <.< 




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Seeing some of his pics makes me realize I need to tidy up that desk a bit...  Or at least remove some of my stuff so he has more room to work with!  Poor purple-ish dragon, being forced to work in such tight confines because I have various projects scattered across the table... 


Also, because he's been painting a decent amount too, I'm going to look into getting some of those Viltrox lights for lighting the desk, although instead of loc-line it'll be with Neewer bendy arm things (and eventually Rode PSA1 arms, but they're, uhm, just a "touch" more expensive in comparison). 


... Or I might get some of the inexpensive Aputure lights, but we shall see.  Whatever will give us some good light without being too too expensive to acquire. ^_^

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Might be my last post for a while, turns out the priming used on the base doesn't want to stick so may need to redo some of this stuffs but either way wanted to at least prove I'm still alive lol. 



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