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    • By BananeDC
      Hop, here we go !







      Succubi (nude) :
    • By blargney
      Now that I've completed Domog, high priest of Rovagug, it's time to move on to the lesser threat: the Tarrasque, Herald of Rovagug.
      I got Khanjira the world breaker with the Kickstarter ages ago, and dusted off the box recently while working on Domog.  I was saddened to discover the big guy's left leg was missing.  Fortunately, Reaper is awesome and they shipped me a replacement leg!  With a nice bottle of paint to boot. :-)

    • By EvilJames
      Also did a quick speed paint of two statues. Not sure were the other column is at the moment, but this one was out while I was painting the angel of death so it got paint too.

      She fit very snuggly into that base. I'm debating whether or not she'll stay in it.



      The pair. Also the angel without the base.
    • By BananeDC
      Hi everyone, i'd like to share the photos of my Cadirith, from Bones II.


    • By BananeDC
      An order from a friend : a complete Dark elves team (18 minis) + other stuff.
      Tota l : 26 minis for Bloodbowl
      Work time : 19h00
      Furies :

      catchers :

      Blitzers :

      Linemen :

      Linemen :

      Assassin :

      Stars : Roxana and Horkon:

      Stars : Eldril and Hubris

      Other stuff (8 minis) :
      Dwarf star : Grim :

      2 saurus (will soonreceive the missing arm) :

      Zombies :

      Troll :

      Gobelin star : Fungus

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