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List of Sophies?


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So, being bored I went through and sorted out my Sophie collection...


ID   Navn
1404   2002 Christmas Sophie
1405   2001 Christmas Sophie
1406   Sophie, Succubus(72mm)
1408   2003 Holiday Sophie (72mm)
1409   2004 Christmas Sophie(72mm)
1413   2005 Holiday Sophie(72mm)
1415   New Years Sophie(72mm)
1416   Sophie in Cat Costume
1417   2006 Scristmas Sophie(54mm)
1420   Pirate Sophie
1422   2007 Christmas Sophie
1423   2008 Christmas Sophie
1426   2009 Christmas Sophie
1435   2011 Sophie Christmas Ornament
1442   Troll Slayer Sophie
1501   ReaperCon 2004 Sophie
1502   ReaperCon 2005 Sophie
1503   Burbon Street Sophie
1504   ReaperCon 2007 Sophie
1505   Reapercon 2008 sophie
1508   2010 Convention Sophie
1509   ReaperCon 2009 Sophie
1510   ArtistCon 2009 Sophie
1513   Sophie for 2010
1514   ReaperCon 2011 Adventure Sophie
1519   ReaperCon 2012 Pirate Sophie
1521   Kickstarter Sophie
1523   ReaperCon 2013 Sophie
1524   ReaperCon2014 Cowgirl Sophie
1557   ReaperCon 2015 Sci-fi Sophie
1584   ReaperCon 2016 Sophie
1613   ReaperCon 2017 Sophie


I know there's an 'alternate' version of the 1408, and I also skipped Bones. this is metal only. 

And of course, it also skips the 12" Resin version used as an award in the Reaper Masters painting competition. 


Did I leave any out?

(Not asking if I OWN all yet. I'm still looking for one or two in the list)


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1 hour ago, Inarah said:

1418 Urban Legend Sophie (variant of 1406)

1507 2010 secret (nude) convention Sophie (kneeling pose)

1522 Urban Legend KS Sophie (with motorcycle)




i was aware of the secret(nude) version, but not the SKU it had. 

1522 looks like a nude version of 1521.  Not certain how I missed that one. 

same with the 1418. 



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3 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


  The Urban Legend Sophies aren't available for sale anymore, but they do occasionally turn up on Evil Bay - and I also was able to get some of them cast on demand at the last RCon....




Please reveal your secrets, oh Mad One. :rolleyes:

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From what I understand, the very nice people at reaper will cast just about anything they still have a good mould for during factory visits at reapercon?

(except stuff they no longer have a license to produce)


My tally so far is that I'm missing 6 Sophies, one of which is an UL version that I might be getting the UL part of from another forum member. 

(some of the ones 'in' my collection haven't yet arrived, though, but are slowly making their way here, so they've been counted as if they were here)


What is pussling, though, is the 1404 and 1405 minis.

Did someone at Reaper get a time machine in their stocking, or can Sophie travel in time by herself?



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