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    • By malefactus
      Way back in January, I thought I would add some Minions for Magrot The All seeing Trash Heap to command.
      Mags was based on Marjory The Trash Heap of Fraggle Rock Fame. She, Marjory that is, had two Rat Minions.
      Mags has a part Wolf/Coyote, part reptile, thoroughly disreputable Guy, a pair of Shrews looking for a fight, AND
      a DiTerlizzi Shambling Mound...or she will if I manage to finish painting them.
      This is how they looked when the idea hit me:

      & where I am starting them:

      This is Mags Herself for those who have forgotten her:

      SO we will see just how long my attention span holds up...this time.
    • By malefactus
      Mags aka Magrat The All Seeing trash Heap has been waiting Patiently for her Minions to be painted.
      AND they finally are...Mags is pleased:

      Petruchio & his Shrews:

      Petruchio sans the Shrews:

      The Shrews sans Petruchio:

      Monty The Shambler:

      After having the Minions sitting & waiting attention since January, completing them comes with a WONDERFUL feeling of relief. I hope you enjoy them.
    • By malefactus
      SO it started with a post on DM's Craft. My friend, tauster, was making The Mother of Monsters. He was using Marjory The Trash Heap of Fraggle Rock fame as his inspiration.
      I wasn't all that familiar with Marjory, although I loved what episodes of Fraggle Rock I got to see, but  I HAD to do my own version of The Girl:

      I got further inspiration from our own alchemist's post:

      Magrat The All Seeing Trash Heap aka The Divine Miss Mags is a combination of the two inspiration pieces with a healthy dose of my own dubious imaginations.
      SO without further delay, here is Mags:

      The Door To Wherever:

      There you go.
      For those interested in size, Mags is a bit over 7" high & is resting on a base about 9" in diameter.
    • By malefactus
      ...not to be confused with Das Boot. I'm planning on expanding my Spook Woods. This was an experiment with DAS Air dry Clay as the bark coating for the trees I'll be making. I posted this previously in my Last Hurrah Thread but figure some further feedback would be nice.
      This is with just the DAS . The branches are covered with teased out hot glue:


      ...Green Stuffed the branches & some shelf mushrooms:



      AND all primed up, ready for some paint. A Troll Volunteer to pose wit The Tree for size comparison:



      ...The Troll:

      ...& Friend:

      ...there you go. I found the DAS worked as easily as the Plumber's Epoxy Putty I normally use. It's as sturdy although somewhat more brittle. Since it dries slower than the putty, it allows a greater time span for sculpting, AND it's much lighter.
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