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Two Brothers Paint

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Recently convinced my brother my brother to finally pick up a brush so we spent the afternoon working on this figure. It's his first but he's definitely leaps ahead of where I started.



Sorry for the bad pics, I grabbed them as I was heading out the door and didn't have my light box.

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Dain was easier to paint than I expected, so acted as a counter balance to Harsk. One thing I like about the Reaper Dwarves is the addition of packs and bedrolls.
    • By Rickdraco
      Having now finished my Kaladrax Reborn, I realised there were a few other miniatures I have painted recently that I have not gotten around to posting on the forums!  Well, here they are,  First up is the human fighter from the dragons don't share.  This one was fun to paint, and I painted the shield freehand in what I thought was a very knightly style, quartered with a hawk/phoenix emblem in gold.  Next is the bones version of Duke Gerard.  He was more challenging, due to my decision to try and paint him in white armour with black detailing, again, the cross emblem on his shield was done freehand.  And last but not least is Dain Deepaxe, The way I painted him was fairly typical, but I think he has come out well.









    • By Patrik Strom
      My version of Dain Deepaxe. I painted this as a replacement for my brother's DnD5 character. He had his own old version of Dain but since he (and the mini) moved he won't be able to show up on this years whole weekend game session. So I finished my own version so we can place it in the middle of all the baddies and send him pictures his adventures.
      Despite that I found the miniature quite hard to paint I'm overall quite happy with the result. I really like how the beard turned out and the finish of the backpack.

    • By mangochutnee
      Yeah, he's been kicking around my workbench since December 2013. This is the sixth figure I've completed, and while I see a lot I could improve I'm also very proud of everything I learned while working on him. Now if only one of my gaming group would roll up a dwarven warrior so he could get some table love!
      77074 Dain Deepaxe:
      And a better angle of his axe, just for fun:

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