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53 minutes ago, Pingo said:

It’s a beautiful evocation and a perfect base. I like the background too!


Thank you!

The sculpt is a bit crude, not the modern standard, but there are very few Meso-American minis available here.


The Background was a separate project, inspired by @malefactus photoboards, I made one of my own for my Lost World Project ( needless to say that project has spun out of control big time)



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6 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Love the older looking sculpt!  This guys is great!  Nice work!  


Thank you!

Glad you like it!


I do have more, I bought all six meso-americans from  Mirlinton , most Aztecs and one Maya.

Also bought a set from Foundry and one more modern styled Maya Champion on Ebay.

So more will follow.


I'm thinking of putting a few of them as crew on my old GW Stegadon.

I got the old metal version without crew...how fortunate...:ph34r:

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7 minutes ago, Gargs said:

Excellent job, really fits in with your project, colors are great too!


Thank you!

When I got enough painted, I will make some army shots.

It might take a while though...


I actually read up on these guys and am trying to use symbols and patterns they really used.

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