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Bones 3 Graveyard Carrion Worm

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Here is another semi WIP thread for another Bones 3 model. My youngest son had painted him in a nice coat of ultramarine blue and had left him. I then have the fun task of finishing it  off to some reasonable level. 


So so after a couple of coats green and some dry brushing I got to this stage. 





I am actually really happy how this turned out. I am not sure I would have attempted the blue under the green, but it seems to work well. Anyway onto the base, didn't realise how much detail it had.  


As always comments welcome. 

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Some more progress on the Carrion Worm today, the rocks were painted and the base painted and drybrushed with my normal 3 colour scheme. 






The worm is now sealed and ready for some static grass and tufts. 


Thanks for looking. 

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Just now, malefactus said:

That is a delightfully grotesque horror. OUTSTANDING WORK!


Thanks it is a very nice beastie to paint. The detail on the base is great as well. 

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Nice! This looks very good! I have yet to paint mine. Your colors are very nice and the blue works well in the shadows. I like the orange and pink as contrasting bursts of color.

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