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Cav UTF painted force (pic heavy)

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HI all I originally started a thread in the Cav section about painting my UTF (united Terrain Federation) I've had to change from photo bucket to flickr for the images will update the wrecked mech as well soon



Well I finally got the project on the road heres my test pieces almost finished just needs the bases finished off


2_test pieces 2


Started with an archer, raptor and Ronin Cavs with 2 ashigaru's missile vechiles


2_test pieces 4


did a base coat of purple with a dry brush afterwards

2_test pieces 5


then added camo scheme as per my other link with tester pieces of paper


finished group




quite pleased with the result look decent from a distance on the table no unit symbols or markings will decide on these at a later date

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On 1/8/2018 at 5:54 PM, Glitterwolf said:

I like that pattern!

Thanks Glitterwolf, I must admit after the first coat of purple then dry brushing I was wondering will this work on these bigger areas.


I'll be posting a little more detail of on progress of the next batch will pick one and show how i fudged my way through the scheme the idea was for it to be quick and easy to paint but would still look decent on the tabletop.

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New update on next batch of Cav's I'm painting with a short how I did the scheme with a Starhawk IV Cav


I see pink



Star hawk IV base colour




light pink dry brush then blue/grey 1st camo added




Camo red brown added overlaying parts of the blue here & there




Khaki Drab added in blotches onto the parts of the camo red brown areas, canopy started




Just got the black dots to do and a few missile and lights then I'll be ready for shading


as you can see a quick and furious way to paint ::D:


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I did get a little distracted for a bit and changed from seeing pink by starting some 15mm BTR160s APCs I'm doing for an Neo Soviet futuristic force.



 who says to many projects on the go ::D::blink:

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On 1/14/2018 at 9:13 PM, lowlylowlycook said:

At least your projects are looking good while cluttering things up.


True but they are just sitting there teasing me finish me no finish me ..:blink:


tanks on the go



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Time for a new update on the progress of batch 2


Starhawk IV























Group shot of batch 2



looking now like a decent sized force now


Onwards to batch 3




catch you next week with a new update hopefully 



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Just been having a thought about the possible colours for the bases did a few test pieces to see what might be the best candidate for the job






quite liking the 1st 2 or far right at the moment.





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I think the grayish base makes the figure pop out more.


Course, that’s the opposite of what an actual military unit would want, but ... painting.

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Had a productive weekend OK I strayed a little and got some Bretonnian Bowmen Painted but I've finished the latest batch of Cavs off just waiting for the varnish to dry before taking pictures


Bret Bowmen1Bret Bowmen2

 basic paint job but will look good on the table  just need to finish the bases during the week 


Who said to many projects ::D::blink:


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Ok Back to the Cavs 

On 1/23/2018 at 4:28 PM, Pegazus said:

I think the grayish base makes the figure pop out more.


Course, that’s the opposite of what an actual military unit would want, but ... painting.


Thanks for the feedback I've gone with this base after thinking it through what do you all think looks OK?




I've assembled the next batch ready only one more to go after this then they will all be painted




Hopefully to another productive week will post painted pictures when they are dry





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