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Eberron Game! No Auld Grumpies Allowed!

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On 9/11/2020 at 2:16 AM, PaganMegan said:

Following an old trope.


The end of this campaign was the beginning of the next.


Next campaign is darker, and I mean literally darker, big pieces take place underground.


Mindflayers trying to shift the Draconic Prophecies.




A mad surface walking mindflayer that is batbrocolli crazy, evil as all get out, but wants to PREVENT the mindflayer scheme from happening.


I am thinking Oracle for its class levels.


Grump pointed out the Scarred Lands orcs for Pathfinder, and I like them more than my own. +4 STR, -2 DEX, + 2 WIS, -2 CHA. I never thought of giving them a -2 to DEX.


Lowlight vision, not dark vision, though a variant gains dark vision while suffering from light sensitivity.


The main plot will have lots of bad guys fighting bad guys confrontations. And as far as ANY of the flayers are concerned, people are FOOD.


And a question, does Eberron have anything like American football or rugby?

The one I have chosen for Ta'chul - the albino surface walker - is the front row second from the left. The one that looks like he has a mustache.


The other three front row models are an Inquisition, hunting the albino. The one with the arcing flame has levels in Inquisitor. The one next to it is a sorcerer, and the one on the end is a magus.


At some point the PCs will need to confront the Inquisitor, after the albino has been killed - either by the Inquisition or the PCs. That is when he will show up mounted on an umber hulk.


Somewhere below Sharn is an Elder Brain, and a small hive that sent the Inquisition.


5 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:



Officially, there is no football in Eberron that I know of. Eberron has a shifter sport like parcour with a ball. But it's your world, so go for it!


I wanted a big sporting event where I could have something go horribly wrong. ::):  See the above  mentioned mindflayer mounted on umber hulk. :;,;: 


The inquisitor has no empathy, and is perfectly willing to use a crowd to sow chaos.


So, instead it will be a public speech that gets crashed by the Kool Aid Man umber hulk.


It won't head for the heroes, it will plow right into the crowd. Dozens or hundreds dead.


Only after the massacre will it seek to kill the heroes, then flee.


I think that beholder will be another faction, maybe allied with Ta'chul.


No plans yet for the naked lady, maybe a statue?

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I am definitely getting more excited for this than I did for the Viking game.


Picturing all the things I can make go horribly wrong. :devil:


One scene WILL take place in the same bathhouse, with the same Dragon Cult that appeared on the first campaign.


But, since they killed Drake Argent last campaign there will be a different dragon.


Just as fat, but a jolly bronze dragon. He forgives the younger races for many sins - because they invented BEER!


Also, he is making sure that another evil dragon does not take over the cult. He will not kill and eat any of the cultists, but one or two MAY end up pregnant.


In the bathhouse scene he is in full dragon form. His human form is a big, fat, jolly brewer and barkeep. The pregnant cultists wil be moved to his tavern, he has no problem with having a harem, and will treat them and his children well.


He is using his dragon form to protect his human identity, he spends much more time on two legs than on four. He has gone native.


He is also a big, fat, jolly RED HERRING! He has a job he wants the PCs to do, and has NO ulterior motives.


At least not yet. I reserve the right to have a better idea! :lol:

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Would it be funnier to make him a red dragon?


Still not evil, though maybe Amoral Good?


Do as you will, an you hurt none.


Self centered, but caring for others, in sort of a careless way. ::P:


Not always clear - he dpes not expect fidelity from his harem, and doesn't THINK of it as a harem.


He thinks of them as the mothers of his children, so to be cherished.


If they have children by another, he is fine with that too, they are atill family.


He just doesn't GET the purpose of marriage.

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Starting from the middle again. ::P:


Need to hammer out levels 1-5 before dropping illithids on the party! :lol:


I think Ta'chul is fond of suicide minions, dead men that can't be traced back to him.


His enemies are more conservative, and prefer not to waste their pawns. They value the hive over personal survival, but also see safety in the hive. They are all about species survival, after almost being destroyed.


He is used to being in the wind, and values personal survival, now that he is no longer part of a hive.


Giving him a doppelganger bodyguard, who wears more obvious bling. Making the doppelganger the target.


The standard mindflayers are organized crime, Ta'chul is a terrorist.

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Weird, working on this cleared my mind on the Norse game. ::):


Suddenly I understand what Grump is thinking.


He's not setting up a kingdom, he's setting up an alliance of Kingdoms.


PCs vs orcs, PCs lose. PCs + dwarves vs orcs, orcs lose.


PCs vs drow, PCs lose. PCs + elves vs drow, drow lose.


PCs vs giants, PCs lose. PCs + dwarves + elves vs giants, giants lose.


When they come rolling back into their home kingdom, it won't just be the PCs and their new kingdom, it will be a grand alliance.


The zmei that thinks he's unbeatable is in for a surprise.

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SOMEBODY wants me to to work on this campaign.


Archvillain Games just showed off their November theme.





I think I might spring for the extra bucks to get the adventure.


And when Grump gets back to his Darkjammer game, they have something for him. :;,;:


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On 10/15/2020 at 4:53 PM, PaganMegan said:

SOMEBODY wants me to to work on this campaign.


Archvillain Games just showed off their November theme.





I think I might spring for the extra bucks to get the adventure.


And when Grump gets back to his Darkjammer game, they have something for him. :;,;:


Going to make the Mighty Ceremorphin' Power Rangers? ::D:

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I NEED to put this on a back burner, if I don't I will spend all my time on it, and neglect the Norse game.


I was surprised to find out there are GOOD beholders in Eberron, staying away from people, mostly.


Lots of evil ones too, but I like the idea of a Lawful Neutral beholder Oracle - with sight problems because her eyes are glowing, blocking her normal sight.


But the party will have to seek her out, she is avoiding people. She didn't choose a religious life, some deity, she knows not which, blinded her with knowledge when she first gazed on the surface world. In a world where the gods are silent, and do not intrude into the lives of their worshipers.


She's not crazy, she is very, very sane.


And has a gathering of some race I haven't chosen yet serving as her hands and eyes in an abandoned underground library. The kind of creature that Doctor Strange would enjoy spending time with.


A standing encounter, the PCs choose when and if they interact with her.


Super duper high level, like maybe 20, but sequestered away from the world, and she does not talk about herself at all, ever.



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The sky coach from Skies of Sordaine changed the ilithid ship from worst case to dramatic climax. ::):


Stealing a system from Heroes of Battle, while the ships are doing battle, the PCs will be INSIDE the ilithid ship, needing to complete three missions, each influencing the outcome of the SKY BATTLE.


Brig, Engine Room, and Bridge.


Then getting of the nautiloid, as the ship burns and craters.

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Letting Grump use his warforged gumshoe idea from the last game


Maybe take advantage of the HeroForge black friday sale to get him a figure for it.


Still deciding how I want to use the Nazi dragonborn idea Grump gave me.


I am thinking that they will first come up just before the mindflayer plot really kicks in.


First the PCs will be invited to their island - not knowing that they won't be allowed to leave.


If there is a warforged, it will be left behind - the dragonborn are looking for breeding stock, not recruits. Fun thing - if the heroes never try to leave, they may never realize that they are pampered prisoners and breeding stock - they will be pampered, just not allowed to leave.


That mission that goes wahoonie shaped?  It is a setup - the dragonborn want them to be desperate and looking for an opportunity.


If that doesn't work, they will kidnap the party instead, again, leaving the warforged behind. Ashkarath, the gold dragon that is dictator of the island, does not see the warforged in the Draconic Prophecy, so believes that they play no part. He doesn't realize that some of the passages can be taken to mean several of the power blocs. The Unliving Ones refers to the elven Undying, the Blood of Vol, and the warforged, all at the same time. Ashkarath only thinks of the elven Undying Court, and pays no attention to either the Blood of Vol or the warforged.


Lawful Neutral bordering on Lawful Evil - and turning more evil as their plan progresses, I think that they may be fodder for the NEXT Eberron campaign, after this.

But they always view themselves as the good guys.


There is a 3D printable Gold Dragon that I think will be the bomb for that baddie. ::):


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New worst case scenario, for if Ta'Chul wins.


He brings this out of the darkness, formed of the fragmented minds devoured by the mindflayers since they came to Eberron.



And it will happen in the Mournlands, in an area where the walls of reality have grown thin, it is also what motivates the Living Spells, and why they happen in the Mournlands.

The good news is that the ilithid scheme will be most definitely derailed, as most of the mindflayers in Eberron have their minds and souls devoured and subsumed into this thing.

An unstable and shortlived GOD.


That crescent is a part of another orerry, but attuned to only one world.


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Wow, I would have sworn that the hardboiled gumshoe was Grump's idea, but I was the one trying to talk him into it last campaign, I had just completely forgotten.


But since he played the GENTLEMAN ADVENTURER last time, he's willing to be the gumshoe this time.



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      5) To not freak out when I try something that I don't like, and just go ahead and fix it
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      I took some progress shots (though perhaps not as many as I'd have liked). So please, join me as we journey through my learning experience:

      I fully assembled the mini before putting down any paint. Here's where the mini was after a couple days work, about 4-5 hrs. I used an airbrush to give it a zenithal undercoat with black and white, and then to lay in the base coats of the red and blue. I then painted the underbelly and the wing-fingers with a brush.

      Here, I'm trying to show the work I've done (still fairly subtle, at this point) on building up the vibrancy/transitions on the red skin/scales. I was fairly happy at this point, as I could start to see that I might actually be able to paint this to the standard I want.

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      Here's where it was after another `30min of work. Since I felt the tongue was too much, I did something about it! I did a very light glaze with a grey, just to knock down the saturation a bit. Looks better. I added some more blue to the horns, and still wasn't quite happy with it. Picked out the teeth, which is nice, easy bit of definition. And that eye!!! It looked much better than I expected, although that's the last time it would be that well defined...

      Here it is after another couple days of progress, building up that red (it takes soooooo long on something this big!!!!), as well as more work on the mouth/face. I'd accidentally painted over the eye (which becomes a recurring theme in this tale ), so I blocked in some color, just to separate it from the face. I added a glaze of 'RMP's fair skin' to the tongue, and now I'm lovin' it. Also added some fleshy-ness to the gums on the upper jaw (though it's a little hard to tell), and that was definitely another good decision.

      Here I continued to build up the red, progress is slow but steady. Not pictured (which is unfortunate, because it was a good learning experience) is my attempt to redo the horn entirely, to a scheme that was a transition of bone to brown to black at the tip...I was really unhappy with it. I had the bone starting around the eye ridges in at attempt to add more contrast and draw the viewer's eye towards the face, but it just looked awful. So I spent a good while redoing the horn and fixing the whole face. I'm glad I made that mistake, as I think the face looks much better than it did before I started on the horn. Part of that was adding in a new level of bright highlights.

      Here's the mini in some soft lighting, and although the picture is kinda blurry, it better shows the transitions throughout the red. I think this was also the point where I started working on shading the red, by applying a light blue-black glaze to the shaded areas, which really helped add some contrast to the piece.

      I had an accident that almost gave me a heart attack, where the figure seemingly jumped off the desk Luckily, I caught it before it hit the ground, and it sustained no major damage. It did separate where the dragon attaches on to the base, and although that was a little frustrating, it ended up being a happy little accident, as it made it MUCH MUCH easier to work on the base. I started by putting down some paints and pigments, until it was at a place I thought was ok. Also, the rock spire that it's curled around was originally about 6 inches taller, which I cut off to better see all of the dragon. So, I started work on sculpting a new top. I started by building up thin layers of cardboard with superglue, to level it off (it had quite a slant to it). Then I mixed up some greenstuff, and tried to match the overall flow and texture of of the rocks. Although not a perfect match, it's close enough to not be distracting. Mission accomplished!! The pillars were a part of the mini.

      And here's the beast in its current state. I painted the newly sculpted top to match what I'd already done, and left the pillars with a super quick drybrushing. I touched up the eye to look acceptable (it's on my 'to do' list), added some grass tufts to the base, and was happy to leave it be like this, for a time. The final pic is another attempt to 'more accurately'  show the value transitions with the red, though the colors seem a tad washed out.
      Thanks for taking a look at my work, and for reading my ramblings! C&C is welcome  As I said, I have a to do list for the dragon, but I'm not afraid to add more to it!!! I'll strive to make a post in here a few times a week, and eventually you'll get to see a completed dragon!
      EDIT: I forgot to mention that once the dragon broke away from the base (super cleanly, luckily), I took the opportunity to redo the underbelly on the whole model, darkening it up some. And along the neck, I experimented with wet blending for the first time! I've been apprehensive to try it before, but decided this was a good spot to experiment, as it's a large enough area, but felt less...consequential, I guess, if I messed it up. And I'm pretty pleased with the result!
      Next up: Frostgrave warbands for me and my brother!
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      I have had this dragon "mini" for a while but couldn't decide on a color. I don't have a lot of green miniatures so it's now green. 

    • By EvilJames
      I painted this guy up for D&D to be my Warlock. Sadly it may be some time before he fills that role again. Photos still look a bit washed out. :( The Base should look like floorboards and they do in person.
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